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Assembly Instructions


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Assembly Video


College Loft Bed

Click on the picture to view a short video on setting up a loft bed. This video is meant to be a general overview on setting up the basic loft bed and does not show the complete assembly or all of the optional accessories available with our beds.

Please note the back rail in the video shows our old design. With our current design the back and front rails are identical.



Special Assembly Instructions


The following are Special Assembly Instructions that may be needed if you ordered any of the following:


Must be Assembled Within 30 Days


We require that the bed be assembled within 30 days of delivery. If left unassembled for a longer period of time, under some climate conditions unfinished wood may shrink or warp and some of the pieces may not fit properly. For example, our beds are manufactured in the Northeastern US, a cool and humid environment. If it is shipped to the Southwestern US, a hot and dry environment it may quickly dry out. If it is not assembled, this rapid drying could warp the wood.

The warranty is void if the loft is not assembled within 30 days of arrival.