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Shipping and Estimated Transit Time


We ship Nationwide with FedEx Home Delivery

The Shipping Charge is listed at the bottom of each order form

We ship to homes, apartments, colleges & camps anywhere within the contiguous 48 States


Shipping Charge: The Shipping Charge is a flat rate per bed charge based on the State/Zone it is being shipped to. The shipping charge is shown at the bottom of each order form. We have divided the country into four Shipping Zones. When ordering a bed all options and accessories have Free Shipping no matter how many accessories or options you add to your order.

Build Time: We custom build each bed to your exact specifications. The Build Time is the amount of time it takes us to build your bed along with other orders at the same time. The Build Time is listed on each order form. During our peak months of August and December orders may take a little longer and we recommend you order your bed in advance and request it to arrive on a future date. You may enter your requested delivery date on the order form. Orders paid by check take four extra days for the check to clear.

Rush Processing: Need it sooner? For an additional fee you may request our optional Rush Processing. With Rush the crew works overtime nights and weekends to get your order built in a few days. If you request Rush Service and we can't make the deadline we will refund the rush fee.

Transit Time: Once shipped, orders will arrive based on the Transit Time Map below.

FedEx Shipping: We ship by FedEx Home Delivery which delivers Tuesday - Saturday. Multiple quantity and large custom orders may ship by truck depending on location. When the order ships we will email you the FedEx Tracking Number and you will be able to track it online.

Back-To-College Shipping Schedule

During August and early September we get a large number of college student's orders and delivery will take a few extra weeks. We recommend you order your bed in July or early August. Please let us know if you have a specific date you need delivery by and we will do our best to meet your schedule.

Year End Shipping Schedule

Loft Beds are very popular Christmas gifts for youth, teen and college students, and with college students returning back to college in January orders in December will take a few extra weeks for delivery. If you need delivery by Christmas we recommend you place your order in November or early December. Please let us know if your order is needed by Christmas or early January and we will do our best to meet your schedule.


Estimated Transit Time Map

Once your order has shipped it will arrive based on the estimated transit time map below. The days are in Business Days. There is no guaranteed delivery date and time with our standard delivery service. If you need a guaranteed delivery date or time, please see our FedEx Special Delivery Options shown below. Click map to enlarge.




FedEx Standard & Special Delivery Options

Standard: Deliver Tuesday - Saturday 8 am - 8 pm. There is no guaranteed date/time with standard delivery.

Date Certain: Deliver on a specific date Tuesday - Friday with delivery 8 am - 8 pm $15.

Saturday: Deliver on a Saturday between 8 am - 8 pm $20.

Appointment: FedEx will schedule an appointment with you (2 hour window) for delivery Tuesday - Saturday $30.

Please Note. To meet the delivery dates for the Special Delivery Options we need to have the packages to your local FedEx terminal 2 days in advance of your delivery date. Please keep the shipping schedule and transit times in mind when requesting your delivery date. For Appointment Deliveries, FedEx will contact you to schedule the appointment once they have your packages at your local FedEx terminal.

Please double check your shipping address. If we need to change an address after your order has shipped, there is a $20 per package charge billed by FedEx. With a typical order being 6 packages, an address change will cost you around $120.

Date Certain, Saturday and Appointment Delivery may not be available in some areas.



Frequently Asked Shipping Questions

No. The flat rate per bed shipping charge includes the bed and all options and accessories on the same order.
Yes. There is an additional shipping charge if just an accessory item is ordered without a bed on the order. If you are going to order just an accessory item, please contact us first to get the shipping charge for that item.
Yes, depending on the location. For shipping of 5 or more beds, we typically ship by truck freight.
Yes you may pick up your order at our manufacturing facility. Please give us a few days to build your bed before you pick it up. Our pickup hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Address: 382 Upper Oakwood Ave., Elmira, NY 14903 607-739-2331.

We recommend (if possible) having it shipped to your home early during the summer, and you take it to college with you. Move in day for most students is a stressful experience for both the student and family. With the traffic jams, waiting for elevators, hundreds of students all moving in at the same time, getting everything organized, etc., the last thing you want to do is to wait for a FedEx delivery to arrive on time. It would be very helpful if you can get the loft partially assembled at home before you arrive on campus. Setting it up at home first will allow you to see how everything fits together and when you get to school setting it back up will be quick and easy. While it's home you may want to paint or customize it to fit your personality. We know this is not always possible, so if you want it delivered directly to your college, first check with your college's receiving department to verify whether they will accept packages for you before you arrive on campus. Please note, many college receiving departments do not work on Saturdays.

Most colleges have a central receiving location where they accept all packages and they do not allow deliveries directly to the individual dorm rooms. For security purposes, they don't want delivery trucks driving around campus and they will not allow delivery drivers to enter dorm facilities. Once it is delivered to a central receiving location, they will contact you to have you pick it up. Check with your college to see what their package receiving policy is.

Yes we offer Saturday, Date Certain and Appointment Delivery options for an additional fee. For Saturday and Date Certain Delivery the delivery time is not guaranteed, it can arrive anytime between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm. For Appointment Delivery, once FedEx has received the packages at your local terminal, they will call you to set up a specific date and time (2 hour window) for delivery. Please note, most college deliveries go to a central receiving location and trying to have it arrive on a Saturday with hundreds of students all trying to move in at the same time will be very difficult for the delivery truck to get in on a set schedule. Also, many college receiving departments do not work on Saturdays, or if they do work on Saturday, they may not allow commercial deliveries while students and parents and trying to move in. If you are moving in on a Saturday we recommend you have it shipped to your home first and bring it with you to college.

To protect us from fraudulent purchases, our credit card processor requires that we receive all address changes in writing. If the order has already shipped, please see the next question. If the order hasn't shipped yet, please send us an email from the same email address that the original order was placed under. If you call in an address change we will ask you to immediately follow-up with an email and we will hold your order until we receive your email. We will reply to your email to confirm we received the address change.
Yes. If you need to make changes to your shipping address, provide delivery instructions or request a vacation hold, you can use the FedEx Delivery Manager to do all this and more. Please note this will open up in a new window.
Yes, please accept the shipment. The boxes are very large and heavy, sometimes they do get torn during shipping, however in most cases, the wood inside is fine. If there are any damaged pieces we will get them replaced at no charge to you.
We ship by FedEx with no signature required. If the FedEx driver has delivered to your address in the past it is likely they will leave the packages without a signature. If the driver feels the area is not safe and secure they will leave a door tag with information on how to set up a new delivery date. You can also place a note on your door the day of delivery telling the FedEx driver he can leave the packages without signature. For customers that have elected to have their package delivered by appointment, once your package has reached your local FedEx terminal they will call you to set up a delivery time. Keep in mind FedEx will request a 2 hour window to make the delivery in.
It depends. Each apartment complex is different and with different rules for delivery personnel. Typically FedEx will deliver it to a location selected by the apartment manager.
No. Due to security and liability concerns, FedEx will not enter your house, apartment, cabin or dorm complex.
For the basic loft without accessories, we typically ship 2 - 4 boxes per loft, the first is 8" high x 12" wide x 84" long and weighs 70 pounds. The others are 8" high x 12" wide x 46" long and weighs 60 pounds each. All boxes will easily fit into the back of most station wagons, mini-vans and SUV's. Other options such as bookshelves and desks are in separate boxes.
FedEx Home Delivery delivers Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm.

Due to extensive import duties on furniture we do not ship directly into Canada, however we do ship to locations on the US side of the border that will hold shipments for local pickup. According to website, there is no import duty for Canadian residents importing bedroom furniture. This may vary by province so you should contact your local office to determine what is applicable to you. You will need to pay your Canadian sales tax when entering into Canada. Typically we ship to a local duty free shop or a shipping/post office box store such as The UPS Store.

Please contact the pick-up location first to arrange for delivery and then place your order with us to ship it to them.

More information and shipping/pickup locations are available at and

We have shipped to the following locations shown below:

Minnesota: Ryden's Border Store, 9301 Ryden Rd., Grand Portage, MN 55605 218-475-2330

Montana: The Border Storage, 408 Oak St., Sweetgrass, MT 59484 406-335-4040

New York: Border Mail Services, 25 Locust Street, Champlain, NY 12919 518-208-3028

New York: Roethel’s Parcel Service, 1801 Ford Street, Ogdensburg, NY 13669 315-393-4770

New York: The UPS Store, 2981 Ford Street Extension Ogdensburg, NY 13669 315-393-1188

New York: The UPS Store, 1623 Military Rd, Niagara Falls, NY 14304 716-298-4461

North Dakota: Border Services, 10543 Hwy 281, Dunseith, ND 58329 701-263-4783

Washington: Edge Logistics - Kinek, 1755 Grant Ave., Blaine, WA 98230 (Serving the greater Vancouver area)

Washington: Point to Point Parcel 1591 McKenzie Way, Point Roberts, WA 98281 360-945-2520

For orders going to Hawaii we ship to Long Beach, CA and customers used to have it delivered to Hawaii. They ship twice weekly. Please contact them first to arrange the shipping to Hawaii and then place your order with us to ship it to them.
For orders going to Alaska we ship to Tacoma, WA and customers used to have it delivered to Alaska. They run trucks on a frequent basis between Tacoma and Alaska. Please contact them first to arrange the shipping to Alaska and then place your order with us to ship it to them.
No. Due to the very high shipping costs (typically three to four times the cost of the loft itself), it is not cost effective to ship overseas. FedEx does not deliver to APO/FPO.