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Custom Loft Bed


About Us

Proudly Made in America by this crew



Selling online since 2002 we are just one of a few custom bed builders still manufacturing in the USA


Welcome and thank you for visiting our web site. We custom build Ready-To-Assemble, unfinished solid wood Loft Beds, Bunk Beds and High Rise Platform Low Loft Beds for youth, tween, teen, college students and adults. If you are looking for a metal loft, sorry, we don't make them. We handcraft each bed in a few days to your exact specifications so we can make it fit any ceiling height, mattress thickness and room size. Beds are free-standing, heavy duty, solid wood, unfinished, hand sanded and ready for finishing by the customer. We also specialize in designing custom and unique loft & bunk beds. If you have an idea or something you have seen elsewhere please contact us with your ideas.

You will find a wealth of information on our website about loft and bunk beds and we hope you will consider purchasing your bed from us.

We offer very sturdy and heavy duty loft beds that will hold up to the toughest youth, teen, college and adult environment. Since I initially built these for my own children, safety and stability were a primary concern. We designed them with extending the legs above the mattress, allowing for the safety rail to go the full length of the bed. We designed our beds following the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Loft Bed Bunk Bed Safety Guidelines. Our solid wood beds have 1,000 lbs. of Weight Capacity which make our beds one of the sturdiest on the market and we also provide a Lifetime Warranty. Our unique tongue & groove construction design gives our beds extreme support and stability. End ladders are notched, glued,screwed and then bolted to the bed rails. The bed is assembled with screws and 3/8" carriage bolts, no nails or staples that will come loose over time.

If you are the type of parent that likes to snuggle up and read to your children in bed, you will appreciate the 1,000 lbs. of Weight Capacity and sturdiness our beds provide. The whole family can get into bed for bedtime stories.

Do you sell through furniture stores? No. We build and ship everything from our single location in Upstate NY. We don't have any other retail locations and only sell though this website or phone orders. Please note that if you see our beds on another website it is either a used bed or a scam. We Do Not Sell Through: National Furnishing, ABC Home Store, Elite Decor, I-Dollar Store or U-Save More. Those websites are all operated by the same company and have illegally copied our pictures and text from our website (and others) and are selling a cheap imitation of our beds and have many complaints filed against them. We are not affiliated with them.

If you are looking to compare us to the competition, please give them a call to see if they actually know anything about their imported products. Then give us a call and talk to the actual people that will build your bed.


We have three main business goals:

1) Customize each bed to the customer's exact specifications. With bedrooms having 7', 8', 9' or greater ceiling heights, with each college having their own height requirements, and with multiple types and thicknesses of mattresses we decided early on that by building each bed to the customer's exact specifications they can better maximize the space in the room. With our optional shelving, angled ladders and desks you can create a custom bed to meet your space, storage and budget needs.

2) Fast shipping. We know college students can't wait 5 - 6 weeks for their bed, and parents of young children, once they have decided to do a bedroom makeover for their child, can't wait either. We build and ship them out in a few days and with fast FedEx shipping orders arrive quickly.

3) Excellent customer service. We strive to meet each customer's requirements. If you have any questions, need help designing your bed or would rather place the order by talking to a live person please give us a call. We are Accredited with the Better Business Bureau and PayPal verified. Before you buy a loft from anyone, you should review their BBB report.


Custom Loft Bed

2002 Working out of our Garage

How did we get started? College Bed Lofts was started in 2002 by Mike Vence, a college student and his dad, John. At that time, Mike and a few buddies had rented a large house on the edge of campus and needed safe and sturdy bedroom furniture. As both Mike and John were avid woodworkers, they built a loft bed for Mike and his roommate. When friends saw the beds they wanted one too, so Mike and John started building them on weekends in their garage. Soon word spread around to other colleges and orders started coming in. In 2004 they were ready to move out of the garage and they moved into a woodshop in a nearby industrial complex.

Once the website was built they started receiving orders from families across the country looking for loft beds for their young children. They talked with FedEx about shipping nationwide and with the help of FedEx packaging services, FedEx was able to show them how to best package their beds to be able to ship them economically using FedEx Ground and Home Delivery Services. With nationwide shipping, orders increased, and in 2008 they purchased their current facility.


Custom Loft Bed Custom Loft Bed

2003 Four Employees and a Dog

As a small family business everyone is involved. Along with John and Mike, John's wife, Bobbie handled customer service, their daughter, Sarah, the artist in the family did the assembly video and nephew Anthony produced the video. Aria, the shop dog was often found sleeping on the sample bunk bed in the office.


Custom Loft Bed

Your bed will be built by this crew.

In 2008 we move into our new facility and added additional employees.


Custom Loft Bed Custom Loft Bed Custom Loft Bed

Our Newest Employees

They will be answering the phone soon...


College Loft Bed

Assembly Instructions

John's daughter, Sarah shows how to assemble a loft bed and John's nephew Anthony is the brains behind the camera and video editing.


College Loft Bed

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College Loft Bed

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College Loft Bed

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College Loft Bed

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"Thanks Dr. Phil. This is an awesome bed."


College Loft Bed

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College Loft Bed

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College Loft Bed

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College Loft Bed

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College Loft Bed

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