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Product Specifications

Each Bed is Custom Built to your Exact Specifications.

All Beds are Solid Wood, Super Sturdy with 1,000 lbs. of Weight Capacity.


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Custom Loft Bed

All Solid Wood Construction. Our Ready-To-Assemble Beds include all the pre-cut and pre-drilled wood and hardware needed to construct your complete bed. We custom build each bed to your exact specifications so our beds can use any mattress thickness and fit to any ceiling height. Mattress is not included. For college students in a dorm room our beds can use your existing dorm room bed spring frame and mattress to raise your bed off the floor. All beds have a Lifetime Warranty.

Shown here is our loft bed for dorm or adult use with a single safety rail on the front.

Weight Capacity of all of our beds is 1,000 lbs. of evenly distributed weight and bunk beds have 1,000 lbs. per level. With our heavy duty design, it makes our beds one of the sturdiest on the market and will hold up to the toughest youth, teen, college student or adult environment.

If you are comparing us to other websites, please note that most loft and bunk beds on the market today are designed for very young children with a typical weight capacity of 150 - 200 lbs., which includes the weight of the person and the mattress, they were just not designed for teen, college student or adult use. If you are the type of parent who likes to read to your child in bed, you are going to need more than the typical 150 lbs. of weight capacity. If the competitor's website doesn't clearly state the weight capacity then it probably was designed for very young children only and parents should not be on top making the bed.

With our beds having 1,000 lbs. of Weight Capacity the whole family can get into bed for bedtime stories.



Measurements - Heights - Accessories


Custom Loft Bed

Mattress Sizes: Twin: 39" x 75", Twin-XL: 39" x 80", Full: 54" x 75", Queen: 60" x 80", King: 76" x 80", Cal King: 72" x 84".
Bed Footprint: Twin: 44" x 79", Twin-XL: 44" x 84", Full: 59" x 79", Queen: 65" x 84", King: 81" x 84" or if a Headboard or End Safety Rails are included then the footprint is 81" x 92", Cal King: 77" x 88" or if a Headboard or End Safety Rails are included then the footprint is 77" x 96".

Please contact us if you need a custom size built, we can built it to any length, width or height.

To gain the Maximum Space Underneath, we customize each bed to fit your exact mattress thickness and ceiling height. Use our Height Calculator to determine how much space you will get above and underneath using your specifications.

Accessories include safety rails, shelving, desks, angled ladders, headboards, side platform with steps, whiteboards, corkboards, storage boxes and more.

Photo shown here is our Loft Bed with Youth Safety Rails which meet the Consumer Products Safety Commission Loft and Bunk Bed Guidelines.

The beds come unfinished hand sanded and ready to be painted or stained to match any decor. We do recommend finishing the bed as unfinished wood will darken over time. Unfinished wood will also dry out (or absorb moisture in very humid climates) and surface cracks may appear over time. Surface cracks will not affect the stability of the loft. If you purchased the desktop, we do require finishing it to preserve the writing surface to prevent surface cracks.



Desks: Short - Long - L-Shaped - U-Shaped


Custom Loft Bed Custom Loft Bed

We offer multiple desks: Short, Long, L-Shaped & U-Shaped. They are 30" high and 20" or 24" deep. Weight capacity 40 lbs. Please contact us if you need a custom desk built.

The Short Desk goes the width of the bed may be installed at either end underneath or on the outside end of the bed. It can also be installed at a higher location so you can stand at the desk. Studies show that standing at a desk is better for you. We also offer a Desk Shelf which is attached to the short desk and goes the length of the bed across the back of the bed (see detail photo above).

The Long Desk goes the full length of the bed across the back.

The L-Shaped Desk is a combination of the Long and Short Desk. It may be installed either as a Left or Right L.

The U-Shaped Desk is a combination of the Long and (2) Short Desks. It provides the largest desktop area and is perfect for storing books, computers, toys, games and makes a very nice large arts & crafts table for active children.



Mattress Foundation Bed Slats


Custom Loft Bed

All beds come with the Mattress Foundation Bed Slats that will fill the mattress area with a 3" gap between the slats. You do not need to supply a box spring, bunkie board or plywood with our beds, you can place the mattress directly on top of our bed slats. For Dorm use our beds are designed to use your existing dorm room spring frame and mattress and place them directly on top of our beds slats to raise your bed off the floor.



Solid Platform


Custom Loft Bed

We have a Solid Platform available that attaches to the top of the bed slats. This may be needed if you have a thin mattress, older uncomfortable mattress, futon mattress, air mattress, foam mattress that requires a solid base or you just want a solid platform to get a firmer mattress feel. It has four pieces of 1/8" MDF that covers the entire mattress area. It is attached to the top of the Mattress Foundation Bed Slats. This may be needed if your mattress manufacturer requires you to have a box spring, bunkie board or a totally flat solid platform surface to keep the mattress warranty active. This may also be used if you don't want to see the bottom of the upper mattress when sitting or sleeping underneath or if you want a solid separator between the top and bottom mattresses.



Bed Construction - Solid Spruce


Custom Loft Bed

Our tongue & groove construction techniques gives our beds extreme support and stability. End ladders built into both ends of the bed are notched, glued, screwed and bolted to the bed rails. The bed is assembled with screws and 3/8" carriage bolts, no nails or staples that will come loose over time. This makes for an extremely sturdy and heavy duty bed that will hold up to the toughest youth, teen, college or adult environment.

Our beds are made from the highest grade kiln-dried heat-treated solid Spruce grown in the Pacific Northwest. It is a special grade that is specifically selected for us. Since it grows in a cooler climate, it has fewer knots and the boards stay nice and straight better than other wood species. The bed frame is all natural wood that is unfinished and has no chemicals, no flame retardants and no formaldehyde. The legs and rails are 2x6's and the ladder rungs are 2x4's with rounded edges.

The beds are Ready-To-Assemble, unfinished, hand sanded and ready to be painted or stained by the customer or may be left unfinished. Throughout the website you will see photos of painted and stained beds which were provided by our customers and are shown for illustration purposes only.



Shelving & Desks - Solid Spruce


Custom Loft Bed

All Shelving, Desks and Safety Rails are all made from solid Spruce. For the wider shelves and desks individual Spruce boards are glued together to make a wider board. This process helps prevent warping and cupping which is typical with wide Spruce panels. The Spruce has a very nice grain and looks good with paint, stain, clear coat or left unfinished. All standard shelves are 5-1/2" deep to match the depth of the legs. We also customize the shelves to make them any depth.




Assembled Within 30 Days

We require that the bed be assembled within 30 days of delivery. If left unassembled for a longer period of time, under some climate conditions unfinished wood may shrink or warp and some of the pieces may not fit properly. For example, our beds are manufactured in the Northeastern US, a cool and humid environment. If it is shipped to the Southwestern US, a hot and dry environment it will quickly dry out. If it is not assembled, this rapid drying could warp the wood. The warranty is void if the loft is not assembled within 30 days of arrival.