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Custom Loft Bed

We customized this bed to be very tall and with a large Corkboard across the entire back above the desk.

Customer's Comments: "Hello there! This is the picture of the second bed I bought from you that you customized for my son, it turned out nice. I finished it with a stain and sealed it using Zero VOC soy based products. Thanks again for a great product."

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Loft Bed with Futon

This customer requested a custom bed with multiple shelves at different heights for storage bins and toy storage and to allow for a very thick mattress.

Customer's Comments: "Hello College Bed Lofts! The bed is complete and is absolutely perfect!! We are very happy with the end result!! Thank you again, Kelly."

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More Customer's Product Reviews & Feedback

We spent tons of money on our new house when we first moved in on new furniture, paint, etc. but your loft bed in my son's room is still the biggest topic of conversation and everyone wants to see it when they visit. And of course it was one of the least expensive things we bought! Thanks, Shawn


Just wanted to send a quick thank you for the terrific experience we have had working with your company to purchase our son's loft bed. Your product and customer service have absolutely lived up to what you outline as your mission on your website. You've been flexible, responsive, patient with our questions, customized your product based on our needs and wants, ensured that the end-product was stable and safe, and more than followed through on what we were promised. Our bed arrived earlier than expected and your instructions and video were far more clear than most any other we have ever used for assembly. It's been a long time since we were this satisfied with a purchase. Happy holidays to everyone involved. We truly appreciate the job well done.


Daniel absolutely loves his new loft bed!!! That is an awesome bed! You did a wonderful job on it. We couldn't have asked for a better bed. We put a curtain rod on along the one side so he could have a "fort". He goes underneath to play with his train tracks. We put a chalkboard on the other side by the ladder and he just has a ball with his new bed.


The wood smells so good!! Ha. Smells like it's fresh out of the forest. My son is so excited to put it all together. :). Thanks again. Stephanie.


Thanks a bunch! I am so happy with the bed. The wood is gorgeous and it is VERY sturdy. My goodness. You do a very good job!!


I am very pleased with your customer service and products. Since I was making a large internet purchase, I did extensive research on multiple companies. I took your advice of reviewing the BBB reports of the other companies and was shocked at what I found. Thanks for a great product and my kids love them.


Your website is by far the easiest and most informative that I have seen. I was concerned about purchasing a loft due to our low ceilings. I love the fact that you customized it to fit our specifications and it looks great! Thanks.


It was a fun family project to set up, paint and decorate together. My kids love it and their friends love to come over and play underneath 'The Fort'. ...Joann


"I am thrilled to have found your web site, you have been very helpful, prompt and detailed. You have made my child very happy, she can't wait to go to bed now, I have a hard time getting her down from there, now she gets breakfast served in bed!!!" Thanks.


Help for a child with Allergies or Asthma. AWESOME LOFT BED!!I I wanted to write to thank you for your work on this awesome bed. It has a great design and was VERY easy to assemble. The bed is for my son, age 12, who suffers terribly from allergies and asthma related to dust mites. We didn't even know what dust mites were until 2 years ago. While trying everything to maintain peaceful sleeping conditions for the kiddo, he just couldn't get any rest! Now with the loft bed he is above the 'dust layer' of air and sleeps GREAT! Thanks again for a great product, fast shipping and and a solid price for such fine workmanship. Blessings!  Pastor Bob.


Wonderful, exactly what I needed to make my New York City closet-sized room into a more spacious and livable space.


We just ordered a loft for our daughter a couple of weeks ago and it was such a hit that our son wants only that for Christmas! It went together great, is very sturdy and looks fantastic. Thank you, Alicia.


The web site is very complete. The openness of the information (e.g., how to put a loft bed together, what one looks like when broken down to transport, the loft leg height calculator, safety guidelines, all the dimensions, pictures, even what paint to buy) helped convince me that this was the right company to buy from. The person who talked with me by phone was extremely helpful and professional. Moving to college is already stressful; thanks for making it easier.


I'll be quite honest, I was a bit skeptical about making a large furniture purchase online, but you guys absolutely make a great product! It was all fairly easy to order and put together and my daughters just love them!!!!! Thanks, Robert.


"The best customer service I have received in a very long time! I had mistakenly ordered online two desktops to go with one bed - whoever processed my order took the time to call me, point out the possible error, and ask if I really did want two desktops. Thank you for your attention to detail.


"We just dropped off our freshman at college and you made it so easy for us. My husband did the necessary gluing the night before our trip so the complete assembly would be quick the next day. He was very impressed with the quality of the wood, the exact measurements and superior design of your loft. We will definitely use your loft system again! We also appreciate your efforts to ship it very quickly within our time frame. Thanks, again!" Shelby


We recently moved in with my in-laws to take care of them. This meant fitting us, our belongings and our work space into a 12x13 room. Your sturdy queen loft bed was a dream! I love my "little apartment". It's a nice private, peaceful haven. And my office fits perfectly under the loft. I added twinkle lights for some fun lighting. It was a very quick move, the bed came swiftly, we erected it easily. One day I'll paint it, but in the meantime it is just fine unfinished. Thanks, Elli


This is the third bed we have bought from you. The last two we alternated between using as bunk beds and as a loft while using the space underneath as a study. I have never been happier with a bed in my life. I liked them so much for my girls, I've decided to get one for myself! It allows for so much extra room, utilizing space we never knew we had! Its fun to paint and decorate the beds how we like as well. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the new one! Thanks! The Gilmore Girls


I'm a college freshman, and I was researching loft beds to see if that would be a practical solution to putting a place in my dorm for my crafts and I found your website. I just wanted to say that it is one of the most thorough, detailed, helpful websites for any product that I've seen. I realize that may be a strange thing to email you just to say, but it seriously is very impressive and I wanted to applaud you on it. Many companies don't give such attention to detail and so their websites can be a maze to try and find any information. Looking at your website, I couldn't think of a single question I could ever possibly have to which it would be difficult to find an answer. Perhaps it's just me, but when the website of a business is a hassle to navigate and overall confusing, it makes me much less apt to purchase their product. Your website was the exact opposite. Thank you for making your website one that is effective at communicating everything the customer needs and wants to know in an attractive-but-not-flashy way. Thanks, Alicia


"Your loft is perfect for my son at college. I looked at local furniture stores for a college loft and couldn't find anything reasonable, then I found yours. Your design is simple, customizable and best of all AFFORDABLE."


"I want to say thank you for your quick response. I don't believe I ever had customer service this good before, I almost wish I needed another bed!!! I was impressed by both the quickness of the reply and stunned that an ACTUAL person called with a response to my email. Thank you - I'll recommend you to anyone who asks, the service is fantastic." Sincerely, Alisa.


I ordered a loft from you guys last year for my son. My daughter cried all Christmas morning that Santa did not bring her one so I can't disappoint her this year.


Assembled the main part of the bed in 2 hours today with the help of my 10 year old son (bed owner) and my 11 year old daughter (will order hers in a month or so). Wow, so easy. You guys are awesome to offer such a beautiful choice that is affordable and easy to set up. I feel like I made the wisest and most financially responsible choice! Thanks, Sue.


"I was thrilled to find this site! I had a loft bed in college and this will be perfect for my teenage kids at home". ...Tracy


"Your lofts are very sturdy and not something like you would find slapped together at IKEA." ...Lisa


We ordered a custom handcrafted bed. Don contacted my boyfriend immediately and spent a long time with him getting the design correct. They were amazing. The bed arrived in 4 boxes that were easy to carry and open. the directions to assemble the bed were immaculate. We could not have been happier with our decision to purchase with this company. Melissa.


I had to let you guys know your products are amazing. We got so tired of our rough and heavy teens destroying their beds we decided to go with your beds. We bought 2 queen bunks and a twin platform and they are all very strong and sturdy. We’ve received many complements and we tell everyone about this website. We are buying 2 more next year. I’ll never buy another bed from someone else. Thank you.  Elena


Over the weekend, my nephew and I assembled the loft bed for my granddaughter. Yes, it was built by a grandma and a 14 year old boy. The finished product is wonderful, attractive and so sturdy. The height works so my granddaughter can sit up in bed and there is still room underneath for her to use her desk and shelving. Considering that the ceiling is only 7½ feet, that was a small miracle. Love it.


I read reviews for months before buying... and your loft beds are the best! Solid wood; beautiful design; customizable -- and a great price! I (or my husband) can still climb into bed to read a bedtime story to the kids -- I couldn't find any other beds this sturdy. Plus, great customer service! Thanks so much for all your help.


I want you to know how much we love our beds!! They more than met our expectations! They are absolutely perfect!!!! Ordered two for my boys and now ordering another for our third son.  We love them and more importantly, the boys love them!!! Gina.


Just wanted to share that we’re enjoying the extra space provided by your beds. Our twin boys had their previous beds on the floor. As you might imagine, there was NO room to move around. Your website allowed to me to measure things out properly for our needs by using your Room Planner. Further, I could give my wife a visual, by marking it out with tape, how they would look in the room. Each bed has a full-size desk underneath and there is room to spare; though I’m sure they’ll take care of that shortly! I might also add, our sons put the beds together themselves. Thank you and continued success! Dan.


I just wanted to let you know we received the two bunk beds we ordered and everything with the order, delivery and installation went beautifully. I had two family members there to assemble the beds and they had no problems at all. The first bed went together in under two hours and the second one took about an hour and a half. The beds are so solid I'm no longer going to have any worries about having guests at our cottage. Thanks for your wonderful service, product, and handling of our order. If you ever need a reference, please don't hesitate to contact me. Laurie.


I want to let you know that we LOVE the bed! My daughter is thrilled with it because it bought her some much needed space in her small bedroom and the quality is superb! Being a widow, I had my brother-in-law help me. He was surprised how easy it was to set up. Thanks again and I will recommend your company in a heart beat!


The Bunk Beds were put together by my sons and a buddy. One 15 the other two 13 years old. We watched the video and read the instructions and the boys had it done even with a pizza break in a timely fashion. It is amazing! Probably the sturdiest piece of furniture in the house.


I love it. Never had so much room. I have a very small room with multiple uses, bedroom, office and dog home. Painted bed white to match the desk and shelving unit and hung curtains under the bed to hide dog crate when pup's not using it.


If you can't move out, move up! I live in an 800 sq foot apartment with my two daughters and we decided rather than move out and pay an extra $1000 in rent a month for more space, we would take advantage of our apartment's high ceilings. The parts came in well packed boxes with thorough instructions. It's NOT complicated. I built the bed myself so don't use the excuse that you need a guy to do it for you! I ordered a short desk and attached it so it's at standing height (better ergonomically)... my kids LOVE it so much that I ordered a twin version for my daughter, which I will be assembling this weekend.... on my own. Thanks.


Thanks again for such a great product! We had so much fun 're-doing' our daughter's room for her Birthday. This is our second bed from your company, and again we are very happy with your service, quality and construction! Mary.


Wow!! You guys rock! Just got my first loft bed at age 24! haha. But hey, I'm in NYC, have to capitalize on the very small space I am given right now. Nicole.


Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much we love our bunk bed. We made it into a Doctor Who themed bed. Thank you for a wonderful bed. My daughters both love it, and it is so wonderfully sturdy I have no worries about climbing into the top bunk with my daughter and snuggling up for story time there. Thanks, Deborah.


We assembled the bed Christmas Eve (2 am finish) and had a huge surprise for our 6 year old on Christmas morning. He was thrilled and has thanked us for it at least a dozen times. We are also very pleased with the product and are very satisfied with the ease of installation as well as the sturdiness. We have decided you all are geniuses. Thanks, Stacy.


We just had to let you know how happy we are with the loft bed we received just yesterday and the fantastic service from your company. Every step of the process from the ordering, tracking, delivery, packaging, instructions and installation was spot on. Haven't had this type of service in a long time. You are a class act company! Thank you. Lynne.


My husband and I put it together this weekend and were pleasantly surprised that we didn't need marriage counseling at the end. Great product; thanks! Kathy.


We recently installed 108 of your Bunkhouse Bunk Beds into our Holiday Inn Resort that caters to families and college students. With all the college students here during spring break, we needed bunk beds that are heavy duty, sturdy and safe, and yours met all of our specifications and held up very well. Thanks. Rick.


We love your All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed. It is much more reasonable than the $2,000 loft bed from PB Teen. Thanks Amy.


Was so glad to find American-made, quality products. Nothing in the big-name stores can compare. Thanks for doing what you do! Jill.


Just wanted to send you a great big thank you for the speedy shipment & wonderful bed! My daughter absolutely loves it and all the storage below! The assembly was a lot easier than I thought it would be, so that was a bonus! So glad I found you on the internet! A very happy and beyond satisfied family. Wendy.


Second generation customer. I used your loft bed in college and just bought one for my 6 year old. Love that we can all climb in and read to her. Totally sturdy. Love it.


Last summer you custom made queen bunk beds for our boys. We have 3 exceptionally tall teenage boys (6'5", 6'6" and 6'7"). I asked you to provide the most head room for both of the boys who would be using the bunk bed. My husband was concerned that the bunk would seem like a monstrosity in the room. It has worked out beautifully. It functions well and it looks great. Thank you so much for your help.


Thank you so much for sending the loft so quickly. Ordered it Friday and it was delivered on Wednesday. We put it together using both the instructions as well as the video. Love the video! He loved the loft and I love how sturdy and safe it is.


Thank you again for amazing service and product. Regards, Catharina.


I want to personally thank you for one of the best experiences I've had buying online. The communication has been top notch, the shipping and order processing as fast as it could be. Four days to receive a loft bed... That's pretty darn good. Everyone affiliated with College Loft Beds should be proud to run such a wonderful company. You have fully exceeded my expectations. I would definitely buy from you again, and I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Thanks. James.


Your loft bed is totally sturdy! Over-engineered as my husband says, but given our rough and tumble girl, I think its great, and we can all pile on her bed for stories too! Thanks.


I have to say that I am very impressed with your website and especially your height calculator. We have slanted ceilings and were able to calculate how much headroom we would get using various heights across different parts of the room. Very helpful and unique approach and the loft fit perfectly. Thanks.


I just wanted to let you all know that your beds are everything my daughters wanted! They each have their own 'space' now and since, fight MUCH less! It is so wonderful to have peace in our house again and I do believe we owe this to your beds. They are extremely well crafted and my girls absolutely love having the bookshelves as their headboard, thanks! ...Lori


I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for both the great product and the prompt customer service! As a single mom I don't often have a second person to assist me in putting things together. While there were a couple of times I wished for a second pair of hands to hold something in place, I was able to easily put the entire bed together without a second person and it looks great! Thanks again for a customer friendly product!


We recently purchased a bed for our son who is going to be a college freshman in the fall. He is going to school locally, so we figured we would redo his bedroom to give it the feeling of a dorm. I have to say that I am far more impressed with the bed than I expected to be for that price range. It's amazingly sturdy and was not that difficult to assemble. His room is not large, so the bed has afforded him the opportunity to free up floor space for some seating. I have already recommended the website to a few people. Great product-thanks!


Your loft is perfect for my son at college. There are many reasons why we bought it from you, but the top 3 are: you customized to exactly what we needed, you shipped it fast and it was the best price on the internet. PS. It is also as sturdy as a rock. My son loves it. Thanks.


Very detailed order form and FAQs. I feel well-informed and confident that I made a good decision. The quality of information on the site was one of the major deciding factors in selecting your product over those of competitors.


I did an extensive comparison between you and IKEA, and yours is higher quality and much much studier than the IKEA loft, and the mattress fit perfectly!

Please Note: A standard twin mattress is 39" x 75" and most colleges use an extra long XL mattress which is 39" x 80". The IKEA loft beds are designed for European mattress sizes which are a little smaller than US sizes.


It's hard to believe that my daughter's room is only 10 x 11!  With the loft, it feels huge!...Thanks, Rachel


We love your All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed. It is much more reasonable than the $2k loft bed from PB Teen. Thanks, Amy.


We just wanted to tell you that your beds EXCELLENT! They were very clear and the loft went up so easily on moving day... and my husband and I had a lot of fun building it! Thank you for helping out these new-to-college life parents and oh, yeah, their son as well! He really likes it and has gotten lots of compliments.  I will recommend you to all!


"Thanks for the solid loft bed, it is very sturdy. We ordered it a week early so we could have it shipped home so we could do a partial assembly. It was a fun family project to put together and seemed to make the days before he left a little easier. This is the first of three boys heading off to college over the next few years. I'll be calling you again next year for another loft!"


"I live in a single room in my fraternity house, it's only 10'x10' (my closet at home was bigger than this...), your loft allows me to maximize every inch of my room".


"My 9 year old son LOVES his new "Camouflage" Loft Bed, and I must say that I am quite pleased, it is a sturdy piece of furniture and EASY to assemble...The room looked so good, that my husband now wants his in-home office painted...See what you've done! And it all started with a simple loft bed! Thanks!" ...Denise


"My son loves his new loft bed. We ordered from your site and built it together over a weekend. It was easy to follow and a fun project to do with my seven year old. My wife tacked some outer space material under the bed and we hung some rope lights to create a cool hang out area."


WE LOVE THE BED!!! We ordered it on a Wednesday and it arrived Monday, that was fast! It was so easy to put together and looks great! Our son is so happy with his new bed and loves that he has a hideout underneath it. LOVE IT!!! I'm sure my son will have lots of great dreams up there! Sincerely, Sheri


I heard about you from a friend. We were about to buy a much more expensive product when we went to their house and saw your loft bed in their son's room. The quality was great, we could paint it any color we wanted, and the price was right! Thanks, Jennifer


Your 84" length loft bed is perfect for my 6' 2" (and still growing) son. Now his feet don't hang out over the end.


After searching for a loft bed for my son's new room for months, I selected yours. I needed to get a sturdy bed with study area for a reasonable price. Plus the double bookshelf headboard is a bonus for my son, who's an avid reader and now has room for all his "stuff".


This will be our second purchase from you--now our little boy is going to college, so his earlier double loft is being traded for a dorm loft! Would not consider any other company than yours--the quality and ease of construction is wonderful! Kathryn.


2 big thumbs up for your loft bed! My 11 year old daughter could not be happier, and loves the loft bed. From my standpoint the bed shipped fast, was easy to assemble, looks good, and is very sturdy. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a loft bed. Thank you, Leo


I love my new high rise bed. My room size tripled since I was able to put all my junk underneath. Thanks, Carly