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View & Print Assembly Instructions 



The document is in PDF format. If you don't have a PDF reader you can download it here for free.


Special Assembly Instructions


The following are Special Assembly Instructions that may be needed if your bed has

been customized for any of the following:


Disassemble:                         How to disassemble your loft bed.

Loft Bed Parts List:                 Complete list of all loft bed parts.

Corner Braces:                       Corner & Rung Braces assembly instructions.

Play Room Loft Setup:           The Play Room Loft setup instructions.

Low Platform Bed:                  Assembly instructions for the Low Platform - Trundle Bed.

Multi-Width Bunks:                  Twin/Full Twin/Queen Full/Queen assembly instructions.

Double Depth Desktop:           Double Depth Desktop assembly instructions.

Solid Platform MDF:               Solid Platform Mattress Foundation MDF.

Solid Platform Plywood:         Solid Platform Mattress Foundation Plywood.

Triple Bunk Bed:                     Set up Triple Bunk Bed.

Pre-Assembled Loft:                Set up with Pre-Assembled Ladder Ends and Foundation.

L-Shaped Loft Bed:                 Set up L-Shaped Loft Beds.

Angled Ladder Hooks:             Set up Angled Ladder Hooks.

Angled Ladder Handrail:         Set up Angled Ladder Handrail.

Bed Attached to Wall:             Set up Bed Attached to a Wall.

Center Leg Assembly:             Set up King Size or larger bed with a Center Leg.

Safety Rail Spacer:                 Set up instructions when using more then three safety rails.

Custom Beds:                          Set up instructions for custom beds.

Bench Loft Bed:                       Set up instructions for Bench Loft Bed.

Side Platform:                         Set up instructions for the Side Platform.

Corkboard / Whiteboard:         Set up instructions for the Corkboard / Whiteboard on the back.


Assembly Video


Click below to see a short video on setting up your loft bed.  This video is meant to be a general overview

and does not show the complete assembly or all of the optional accessories available with our beds.


Must be Assembled Within 30 Days


We require that the loft be assembled within 30 days of delivery.  If left unassembled for a longer period of time, under some climate conditions unfinished wood may shrink or warp and some of the pieces may not fit properly.  For example, our beds are manufactured in the Northeastern US, a cool and humid environment.  If it is shipped to the Southwestern US, a hot and dry environment it will quickly dry out.  If it is not assembled, this rapid drying could warp the wood.  The warranty is void if the loft is not assembled within 30 days of arrival.


The Parts Bag includes the following hardware


Please note we do include extra screws in the parts bag and it is okay if

you end up with extra screws when you have completed building the bed.