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All beds may be used by Youth, Teen, College Students & Adults

for Home, Apartment, Camp or College Dorm use


Each bed is Custom Made in the USA to your exact specifications

and have 1000 lbs. of Weight Capacity and a Lifetime Warranty



You may select the Basic Loft Bed, Bunkhouse Bunk Bed or the High Rise Platform Bed

and then add individual accessories or select our featured All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed


The All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed is the best selling loft bed which provides the largest

desk and storage space. It is very popular with youth, teen and college students for having a place to do homework and more space for toys, books, computers, TV's or gaming stations.


We also have a variety of specialty beds such as L-Shaped and Trundle shown below.


Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a larger picture of our beds and accessories.



                  Basic Loft Bed                           All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed            High Rise ● Platform ● Low Loft Bed


               Show Accessories                                      Show Accessories                                         Show Accessories

              Twin $309 Full $369                                    Twin $519 Full $572                                       Twin $239 Full $299

                     Queen $419                                                Queen $617                                                   Queen $349





              Bunkhouse Bunk Bed                               Playroom Loft / Bunk Bed                       L-Shaped / Triple Loft Bunk Bed


                 Show Accessories                                         Show Features                                            Show Features

               Twin $429 Full $489                                      Twin $789 Full $899

                      Queen $539                                                  Queen $949





Low Platform Bed - Trundle Bed - Day Bed - Youth Bed


Low Platform Bed.  This bed is similar to Teddy Duncan's bed on the Disney TV show Good Luck Charlie.            

Our Low Platform Bed may be used for many purposes and we make it any size from a crib to a king size mattress. This bed is similar to Teddy Duncan's bed from Disney's TV show "Good Luck Charlie" which was available at Pottery Barn but was recently discontinued. We now have it available here. It comes with an optional Solid Headboard, Double Bookshelf Headboard or Casters. You can convert any bed into a Day Bed with our optional Day Bed Sides. The Day Bed Sides are solid pine panels on the two short ends and along the back.


With the Trundle Bed we remove the short legs and add in Heavy Duty Furniture Swivel Casters. This may be used underneath any of our XXL Length Loft, Bunk or High Rise Platform Beds. The Crib Size Bed includes the Solid Headboard and two Side Rails.  This all solid wood pine bed is perfect for a toddler who is ready to move out of the crib but is not ready for a large adult bed. 




Specialty & Custom Built Beds

Shown below are some additional beds and products we build.  Have an idea for a unique bed? 

Contact us with your specifications and we will see what we can do to meet your requirements.


Cornhole Game Board Sets


Cornhole is a fun family game, can be played by all ages and is a must have for all college students


Cornhole is one of the fastest growing and most popular outdoor games found across the US.  It can be found being played in backyards, graduations, cottages, camps, outdoor parties and especially at all college dorms, apartments and tailgating events.


Each Cornhole Set comes with 2 fully assembled boards with fold-out legs


Our boards are made from premium 2x4's and the top is made from 1/2" cabinet grade exterior plywood.  These are heavy-duty ACA Tournament Approved units and the sturdy frame will reduce bounce.  Boards are sanded and ready for paint and your custom decals.





Product & Ordering Information


- All Ready-To-Assemble Kits include all the pre-cut and pre-drilled lumber and hardware needed to construct your         Mattress Foundation

  complete bed.  All kits include our mattress foundation (see picture →).


- Mattress not included.  All beds are unfinished and may be painted or stained to match any decor.


- All beds are heavy duty and have a weight capacity of 1000 lbs.


Lifetime Warranty, click here for more information.


- All accessories including desks, bookshelves and front ladder may be installed either on the left or right side.


- We custom build each bed to your exact specifications, so our beds can handle any mattress thickness

  and any ceiling height.  Use our Height Calculator to see how much headroom you will get.


- For college students in a dorm room, our beds incorporate your existing dorm room bed frame.  Click here for

  more information.


- Our beds are easy to assemble.  Tools required for set up are a cordless drill with a phillips #2 medium head

  bit, adjustable (or 9/16") wrench and a hammer.  Set up takes about 1-1/2 hours for the basic frame and roughly

  15 - 30 minutes for each optional accessory.  Click to see our Set up Instructions and Video.


- Sales Tax will be added for NY residents only, all other states are sales tax free.


- We ship directly to your home, apartment or college anywhere within the contiguous US with Ground Shipping. 

  Click here to see our Shipping Charges and Transit Times.


- We are PayPal Verified and an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau Before you buy a loft from any company,

  you should review their BBB report.




We use PayPal, the secure, simple and fast way to buy online.  You may charge your online order to any major credit card or to

your PayPal account.  We also accept all major credit cards or personal check orders over the phone.  For phone orders please

call Don at 607-739-2331 or toll free at 866-739-2331 Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm eastern time. 




All accessories including desks, bookshelves

and front ladder may be installed either on

the left or right side of the loft.





All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed

Loft & Bunk Accessories


The All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed is the best selling loft bed.  It provides the most storage and desk space and has all the accessories needed for today's active youth, teen and college student.  Beds shown on this page have been painted for illustration purposes only and have been provided by our customers.  All our beds are unfinished and may be painted or stained by the customer.



     (1)  Shown with the Long Desk





     (2)  Shown with the Short Desk



     (3)  Bed Measurements and the most popular optional Accessories




     (4)  Shown with the Front (long side) Ladder and Safety Rails 10" above top of mattress



     (5)  Shown with the Front (long side) Ladder and Safety Rails 5" above top of mattress



     (6)  Bed Entrances and Angled Ladders



     (7)  Short Desk mounted on the outside of the bed

Shown here is the Short Desk mounted on the outside of the High Rise Bed. 


For a Loft Bed the Short Desk may be mounted either underneath or on the outside of the bed.


For Bunk and High Rise Beds, the short desk is mounted on the outside of the bed. 

















You may place your order on our secure web site, or if you need assistance call Don and he will help you to choose the right loft to fit your needs and process your order right over the phone. We also accept personal checks over the phone.



To Order by phone Call Don at


607-739-2331 or toll free 866-739-2331


Customer Service Hours: Mon - Fri 9 - 4 pm ET




Thank You from "The Crew" Loft Bed & Bunk Beds for Youth, Teen & College Students.