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All beds may be used by Youth, Teen, College and Adults for home, dorm, apartment or camp use. Handcrafted in the USA to your specs, have 1000 lbs. of Weight Capacity and a Lifetime Warranty.


You may select the Loft, Bunk or the High Rise Platform Bed and then add individual Accessories or select our featured All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed.  It is the best selling loft bed which provides the largest desk and storage space and is very popular with youth, teen and college students to do homework, space for toys, books, computers, TV's or gaming stations.  Lots of shelving available.


                        Loft Beds                             All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Beds                            Bench Loft Beds

                       $309 - $429                                               $575 - $695                                                    $597 - $717


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                                                                                                                                                   High Rise Platform

                      Bunk Beds                                              Custom Loft Beds                                         Low Loft Beds

                      $429 - $539                                                   $800 - $2000                                                $249 - $359


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                 Low Platform Beds                                         Play Loft Bed                                L-Shaped / Triple Loft Bunk Bed

                       $159 - $269                                                  $789 - $949                                                   $677 - $917


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$399 - $499



New Products & Accessories


While we consider ourselves very good at woodworking and building custom beds, we are a little slow at making website changes. 

We will place new products and accessories on this page first, until we get around to updating the website.


We also like to build custom and unique beds for customers.  If you have an idea or something you have seen elsewhere please

view our custom beds page and it will give you the information on specifying a custom bed.


Corkboards & Whiteboards


We offer Corkboards and Whiteboards.  They can be mixed and matched anywhere on the bed.  They can be placed on the short (width) end of the bed between the built-in ladder rungs or on the long back side.


They can also be attached to the front of the 12" wide legs and they have a pine frame surrounding it.  Since there are many options for Corkboards and Whiteboards placement, we ask you to call us to place your order.  Click here for more information.








Solid Headboard $69


The Solid Headboard may be used as a very nice decorative piece to prevent your pillow from falling out the back or you may lean up against it when reading in bed.  It can be used on the loft and both levels of the bunk bed and is attached to the legs.  It is available in MDF, Plywood or Solid Pine. It is 18" high.  Click here to order.



Storage Box $79


For college students needing a Lockable Storage Box to store their valuables or if you need additional  storage on your bed or desk we have a Lockable Storage Box available.  It can be placed on top of the desk or installed in-between the legs of the bed.  It is made from knot-free solid pine, 8" x 8" and available in twin, full and queen sizes.  We can also make it to a custom size if needed.  Click here to order.



Corner Braces $29


For all of our standard beds, Corner and Rung Braces are not required. However if you have customized it to make it taller or longer or if you want additional bracing then Corner and/or Rung Braces may be added. Also some colleges require all beds to have Corner & Rung Braces. The Corner Braces go on the long sides, Rung Braces go on the rungs at the headboard & footboard ends.  Click here to order.


Angled Ladder Hooks $19


If you need your Angled Ladder to be easily removable, we also have Angled Ladder Hooks available. They attach to the back of the Angled Ladder. Click here to order.