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L-Shaped Loft & Bunk Beds

L-Shaped Loft Beds. L-Shaped Loft Beds. L-Shaped Loft Beds.


L-Shaped Loft Beds.

The L-Shaped Bed is a combination of two separate beds with a connector between them. Joining the beds together eliminates the center post giving you a larger open free space area underneath. This can be used for a variety of purposes. A combination Bunk and Loft Beds give you three or four sleeping surfaces for when multiple kids are sharing a room, sleepovers or visiting guests. You can also make it by using two lofts and have a large open area underneath for desks, shelves or a large play or reading area. Another popular option are two lofts with one side being a bed and the other side used as a reading nook with lots of open space underneath.

The two individual beds may be two loft beds, two bunk beds or a combination of a bunk and loft beds. To make a L-Shaped bed you need to select the L-Shaped Connector on the order form for the first bed only. The second bed does not need a connector to be ordered. Basically you specify Bed #2 to be on the Left or Right of Bed #1.

This photo shows the Left L-Shaped Bed. Basically Bed #2 is a Loft Bed and is on the Left side of Bed #1 a Bunk Bed. The loft bed area had plywood placed on top of the bed slats to create a reading area and does not have a mattress. This was painted by the customer and curtains we added to create a private area underneath.


This photo shows Bed #2 (a Loft Bed) is on the Right side of Bed #1 (a Bunk Bed).

To order you may select the Loft or Bunk buttons below or give us a call and we will gladly take a phone order.

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This diagram shows the Left L-Shaped Bed where Bed #2 is on the Left of Bed #1. The L-Shaped Beds can be made in any size and the beds can be different sizes.

How much space will it take up in the room? Using the diagram you can calculate how much space you will need depending on the size beds you are ordering. Basically the footprint is the Length of Bed #1 by the combination of the Width of Bed #1 plus the Length of Bed #2. For example, a combination Twin-Twin is 79" (length of Bed #1) by 123" (44" width of Bed #1 plus 79" Length of Bed #2).

Please Contact Us if you need to have them fit into a smaller space. We can shorten the width and length to make it fit.

Bed Outside Dimensions: Width: Twin 44"   Full 59"   Queen 65"      Length: Regular 79"   XL 84".


Need help designing your child's bedroom? Use our Room Planner & Design Guide to layout where the bed will best fit in your room.

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