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Need More Space?


Dream Higher and create more space with a Loft Bed or

Bunk Beds for Youth Teen College Students & Adults

available in Twin Twin-XL Full Queen & King sizes




            Loft Beds             Sleep & Study Loft Beds        Bench Loft Beds      

           $299 - $419                      $575 - $695                       $597 - $717





                                                                                     High Rise Platform

         Bunk Beds                     Custom Loft Beds               Low Loft Beds

         $429 - $539                         $800 - $2000                      $249 - $359





   Low Platform Bed                  Play Loft Bed               L-Shaped / Triple Loft

          $159 - $269                         $789 - $949                        $677 - $917






$399 - $499



Custom Loft & Bunk Beds



Need a Custom Bed built? Send us your specs and we'll take a look at it.  The beds here were custom built based on designs sent in by our customers.  Click on any picture to enlarge and to get more detail on the bedroom makeover projects.








The Gaming & Entertainment Center

This bed was designed for the serious gamer needing more storage space for all the equipment.  Click here for more information on this custom loft bed.






Custom built Wall-To-Wall Loft Ged with Low Platform Bed underneath.

This customer needed a custom

wall-to-wall loft bed in their small

bedroom / home office.  Click

here for more information.











This customer requested lots of shelving for storage



This customer needed a loft bed above an existing Murphy Bed



This is our basic loft bed with the Long Desk and Long Shelf


Click here to see more Custom Beds and Bedroom Makeover projects


Need a nice Homework Station & Study Area for your children


Our eco-friendly heavy duty solid Spruce Loft Beds & Bunk Beds are free standing, rigid and ideal for increasing space in children's bedrooms, college dorms & apts., fraternity-sorority houses, church groups, bunkhouses, cottages, cabins & camps.


With 1000 lbs. of Weight Capacity, solid wood construction and Lifetime Warranty, our beds are sturdy enough for adults, college students and children and also meet the Consumer Products Safety Commission Loft & Bunk Bed Guidelines.


If you are the type of parent that likes to snuggle up and read to your children in

bed, you will appreciate the weight capacity and sturdiness our beds provide.


Need More Space? Go Vertical, the sky (ok, ceiling) is the limit


Our unique tongue & groove construction design gives our beds extreme support and stability.  End ladders are notched, screwed and bolted to the bed rails.  The bed is assembled with screws and 3/8" carriage bolts, no nails or staples that will come loose over time.  This makes for an extremely sturdy and heavy duty loft or bunk bed that will hold up to the toughest youth, teen, college and adult environment.


Is your child's bedroom ready for a Makeover


Every Tween's Dream - A new Loft or Bunk Bed making a cool bedroom hangout...

Planning a Bedroom Makeover for your kids?  Make the loft bed the focal point of their room and make it a fun family project to set up, paint and decorate together.


Loft beds with a desk make a great Computer Gaming Center


Studies have shown that children with their own desk and reading area are more organized, develop better study habits and are better students throughout school.

A kitchen table is for eating; your child's desk is for reading, studying & homework.


An organized student is a successful student


Our short desk goes the width of the bed and is perfect for reading and doing

homework. Our long desk goes the full length of the bed, gives you nearly twice

the storage area and also makes a great Arts & Crafts table for that active child

or a large video gaming center. 


Loft beds make a nice gift for youth, teen & college students


Our simple yet sturdy design makes our beds very popular with kids, youth, tween, teen, college students and adults. We custom build each bed by hand to your exact specifications.  Our beds can use any size home or dorm mattress of any thickness with any ceiling height.  All beds are heavy duty with 1000 lbs. weight capacity and have a lifetime warranty. Beds are made from solid Spruce with rounded edges from the Pacific Northwest.  Our unique tongue & groove construction and wider 2x6 legs give our beds superior support and stability which doesn't require large corner bracing allowing for the maximum unrestricted open space underneath.


"You just don't realize how much space you gain until you get one"... Mike



Loft Beds for Home


Kids of all ages love loft and bunk beds


A Bedroom Makeover is a fun family project to do together


Lofts typically used by college students in cramped dorms and apartments have recently become very popular with kids, youth, tweens and teens at home. Why?  Because they are great space savers, and best of all, kids of all ages love them. Does your child need space for a desk, a nice quiet reading area or a place to store all their books and games?  Do your kids need more space for a play area or for sleepovers?  Is your toddler ready to move up to a youth bed?  Does your child's bedroom furniture need a makeover?  Make the loft bed the focal point of their room and make it a fun family project to set up, paint and decorate together.  See our Customer's Photo Gallery and feedback for cool and creative bedroom ideas.


Help for a child with Allergies or Asthma


AWESOME LOFT BED!!I I wanted to write to thank you for your work on this awesome bed. It has a great design and was VERY easy to assemble. The bed is for my son, age 12, who suffers terribly from allergies and asthma related to dust mites. We didn't even know what dust mites were until 2 years ago. While trying everything to maintain peaceful sleeping conditions for the kiddo, he just couldn't get any rest! Now with the loft bed he is above the 'dust layer' of air and sleeps GREAT! Thanks again for a great product, fast shipping and and a solid price for such fine workmanship. Blessings!  Pastor Bob. 


Loft Beds for College


Need Space?  Go Vertical, the sky (ok, ceiling) is the limit.


College students, your dorm or apartment is more than a place just to sleep.  It's where you study, hang out with friends and relax.  With a loft bed you can make the most of every inch of space you have. The key to surviving college is to be organized. With a loft bed you get more space for your desk, books and a place to store all your things.  You can't change the size of your room, but you can use our loft bed to gain more space, make it your comfortable home away from home, the place where everyone wants to hang out and to host great movie parties.


Fraternity & Sorority Houses


We supply loft & bunk beds to fraternity and sorority houses across the USA.  When using two lofts in your room it will give you

an additional 64 square feet of living space (it's like adding an 8'x8' addition to your room), and will actually make your small room "livable".







Frequently Asked Questions


How much headroom is above & underneath?  We custom build each bed to your exact specifications, so it depends on your ceiling height and mattress thickness. For example, the loft bed shown on the right with the student sitting at the desk has a 6" mattress, 58" headroom underneath and 30" above when using an 8' ceiling. The student is 5' 9" tall and has about 6" of space from the top of his head to the bed slats. For more information see our Loft Bed Height Calculator.


What is the difference between the College and the Home Loft Bed? They are the exact same bed with the difference being in the number of safety rails. 


The College Loft Bed has one safety rail on the front (long) side and you can optionally add more safety rails. The college loft bed is for a college dorm room use only. 


The Home Loft Bed has multiple sets of safety rails

(depending on the thickness of the mattress) on all four

sides and follows the Consumer Products Safety

Commission Loft Bunk Bed Guidelines. The Home Loft Bed

                              may be used in homes, apartments and college dorms. 


Click here to see more FAQs.


Fun Family Project & Gift Guide

Need a cool and unique gift idea for a child or a college student?  Looking for a nice fun family project to do together over a weekend?  Loft beds for kids, boys, girls, youth, tween, teen and college students make a great gift.  Is your child ready for a bedroom makeover?  Do they need more space to store all their stuff or more room to study, read, do homework or sleepovers?  Our loft beds are a great gift and make a fun family project to assemble, paint and decorate together, and best of all kids of all ages love them.  Parents, remember that loft bed you had a college and how much space you gained, now you can do the same for your children at home.


Ask any college student living in a cramped dorm or apartment what they need most and the first thing they will say is MORE SPACE.  Using a loft bed is the easiest and quickest way to gain more space and get them better organized and productive.  It may be delivered directly to their college or apartment.









How do I place an order?


You may place your order on our secure web site, or if you need assistance call Don and he will help you to choose the right bed to fit your needs and take your order right over the phone. We also accept personal checks over the phone.


Need help more information or to

order by phone call Don at

607-739-2331 or 866-739-2331

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 4:00 ET

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What is a Loft Bed?

A loft bed is an elevated bed allowing you to use the space underneath for items such as a desk, shelves, futon, dresser or computer gaming center. They are great bedroom space savers and best of all kids of all ages love them & college students absolutely need them.  For children in small bedrooms or multiple kids sharing a room, loft beds provide more bedroom space. Our beds will help you to utilize your space more effectively and maximize the available space in your room. 


Our beds are for youth, tween, teen, college students and adults in homes, dorms, apartments, condos, vacation homes, cabins and work camps.



14 Years in Business On-Line

Selling on-line since 2002, we are just one of a

few custom bed builders still manufacturing in the USA. We custom build each bed in a few days to your exact specs so we can make it fit any ceiling height, mattress thickness and room size.  Our beds are all free-standing heavy duty solid wood with 1000 lbs. of weight capacity and Lifetime Warranty.  Beds are unfinished, hand sanded and ready for paint or stain by the customer. 

Click here to see more about us.


While we consider ourselves very good carpenters and building custom beds, we are a little slow at making website changes.  We will place new products and accessories on our New Products page until we get around to updating the website.


We also specialize in designing custom and

unique beds for customers.  If you have an idea

or something you have seen elsewhere please

see our Custom Bed page.


We ship anywhere in the USA

Click here to see our Shipping rates and policies.  Beds are Ready-To-Assemble and our assembly instructions and a short video available on-line.


 See our Customer's Photo Gallery for examples

of decorated beds and cool Bedroom Makeovers.


How Do I Order It?

You may order on-line or if you need help or have

any special customizations you may call us at

607-739-2331 or toll free 866-739-2331 9-4 ET

and we will help you to choose the right bed to

fit your needs and take your order over the phone.


Do you have retail locations?

We build and ship everything from our single location in Upstate NY. Sorry we don't have other retail locations and only sell though this website.

Please note that if you see our beds on another website it is either a used bed or a scam website.


High Rise Platform Bed

Low Loft Bed

Need more space but don't want to be sleeping too high off the floor? Our High Rise Platform Bed, also known as a Low Loft Bed is the perfect solution.  It

is also available with Safety Rails for young children.



Bench Loft Bed



All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed

"A place to sleep, study and store all your stuff"


Shown with the Short Desk

Loft Bed Bunk Bed College Youth Child Teen Loft Bed All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed with Short Desk.  Click for more info...

Shown with the Long Desk

Loft Bed Bunk Bed College Youth Child Teen Loft Bed All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed with Short Desk.  Click for more info...



Loft Beds & Bunk Beds for

Youth Teen and College Students


The photo below shows our Vertical Front Ladder with extra safety rails going 10" above the top of the mattress. All beds are unfinished, sanded and ready to be painted or stained by the customer. 

Photo below shows the Safety Rails

going 5"above the top of the mattress.



Bedroom Makeovers


Bunkhouse Bunk Beds

Our Bunkhouse Bunk Beds follow the Consumer Products Safety Commission Guidelines and are used in kid's bedrooms, college dorms, fraternity houses, firehouses, cabins, camps and hotels.  With a weight capacity of 1000 lbs. per level, it is one of the strongest and sturdiest on the market.  

Available in twin, full and queen sizes and twin

over full, twin over queen and queen over queen.  We also build a Triple Bunk Bed.


The bunk bed shown below is being used by a Holiday Inn Resort "Family Room" catering to families with children and college students.



Kids grow up (too) fast, but

they still love their bunk beds



Playroom Loft


For more photos see our Photo Gallery


See our Customer's Comments on

Handcrafted in the USA

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