Loft Beds and Bunk Beds for Youth Teen College Students & Adults


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We custom build Solid Wood Super Sturdy Loft & Bunk Beds with 1,000 lbs. of Weight Capacity that meets the Consumer Products Safety Commission Bunk Bed Guidelines. Available in Twin Twin-XL Full Queen King and Custom sizes. Orders ship out in 3 - 5 business days with FedEx Nationwide Shipping. Sales Tax Free (only NY State deliveries will be charged sales tax). Beds are unfinished, hand sanded and ready for paint or stain and have a Lifetime Warranty. Handcrafted in America.

All beds may be used by Youth, Teen, College Students & Adults, are available in All Sizes and may be customized as needed. Beds and Accessories are all priced separately so you can pick and choose the exact options you need to fit your budget. For Help with Online or Phone ordering please contact us.

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Loft Bed & Bunk Beds for Youth Teen & Adults

What is a Loft Bed?

A loft bed is an elevated bed allowing you to use the space underneath for items such as a desk, shelves, futon, dresser or a video gaming center. They are great bedroom space savers and kids of all ages love them & college students absolutely need them. For small bedrooms or multiple kids sharing a room loft beds will give you more usable floor space. Our beds are used by youth, teen, college students and adults in homes, dorms, apartments, condos, vacation homes, cabins and work camps.

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Safety Features & Product Specs

Beds with Home Use Safety Rails are for all age groups and meet the Consumer Products Safety Commission Loft and Bunk Bed Guidelines and are required for all children under 13 years old. It includes safety rails on all four sides with a small opening to enter the bed from either end or from the front (long) side. Beds with Adult Use Safety Rails are designed for college students and adults only. They must not be used by children under 13 years old. You select the safety rails on the order form.

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14 Years in Business Online

Selling online since 2002, we are just one of a few custom bed builders still manufacturing in the USA. We handcraft each bed in a few days to your exact specs so we can make it fit any ceiling height, mattress thickness and room size. Beds are free-standing, heavy duty, solid wood, unfinished, hand sanded and ready for finishing by the customer. We also specialize in designing custom and unique loft & bunk beds. If you have an idea or something you have seen elsewhere please contact us.

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Loft Beds for Youth, Teen, College Students and Adults.

Loft Beds

You may add multiple accessories to create a unique Loft Bed to meet your storage needs and to fit your budget.

All-In-One Sleep & Study

This is our most popular bed and comes with the Double Bookshelf Headboard, Short Shelf, Long Shelf, Short Desk and Desk Shelf and can be customized as needed.

Custom Loft Beds

Custom Loft Beds

We can customize your bed with shelving, desks, safety rails, cork boards and white boards to create a bed to fit your budget and meet your storage needs.

Bunk Beds & Triple Bunk Beds.

Bunk Beds

Super sturdy bunk beds for all age groups. We also make Triple Bunk Beds.

High-Rise / Mid-Height Loft Beds

High-Rise / Mid-Height Loft Beds

If you just need more storage space our High Rise / Mid Height Loft Beds will give you up to 30" storage space underneath.

Bench Loft Bed.

Bench Loft Beds

Loft Bed with built-in benches and a table underneath. May have benches on both sides or on just one side and a wall of shelves on the other.

Playhouse Clubhouse Treehouse Children's multi-use fun bed.

Playhouse Clubhouse Treehouse

Children's multi-use fun bed for reading, studying or playing.

L-Shaped Loft Beds.

L-Shaped Loft Beds

Using a combination of Loft & Bunk Beds create a unique L-Shaped Bed with lots of open space underneath.

Low Platform Beds.

Low Platform Beds

Available in all sizes and may also be used for a transition bed for young children going from the crib to a regular bed. May also be used as a trundle bed.

Twin size Day Bed with optional Slatted Back, Solid Back for No Back.

Day Beds

Twin size Day Bed with optional Slatted Back, Solid Back or No Back.

A custom loft bed with lots of shelving for storage.

Shelves Shelves Shelves

A custom loft bed with lots of shelving for storage. With 12" deep shelves you can place lots of storage bins underneath.

Loft Bed with Lots of desk and shelving space for the serious video gamer.

Gaming & Entertainment Center

Lots of desk and shelving space for the serious video gamer.

View all the accessories available for your bed.

View All Accessories

View all accessories available for your bed. Accessories may be added anytime.

Use our Height Calculator to see how much space you will get above and underneath the mattress.

Height Calculator

Use our Height Calculator to see how much space you will get above and underneath the mattress.

DIY: Build-It-Yourself with your lumber and our plans using typical woodworking tools.

Loft Bed & Bunk Bed Plans

$10 DIY & Build-It-Yourself with your lumber and our plans using typical woodworking tools. Hardware Kits, Legs and other Accessories are also available.

Loft & Bunk Beds for Children's Rooms

Every child's dream...

Lofts typically used by college students in cramped dorms and apartments have recently become very popular with kids, youth, tweens and teens at home. Why? Because they are great space savers and best of all kids of all ages love them. Does your child need space for a desk, a nice quiet reading area or a place to store all their books and games? Do your kids need more space for a play area or for sleepovers? Is your toddler ready to move up to a youth bed? Studies have shown that children with their own desk and reading area are more organized, develop better study habits and are better students throughout school. A loft bed with a desk makes for a nice quiet reading, studying & homework area for your child.

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Bedroom Makeovers & Room Planner

Planning a Bedroom Makeover for your child? Does your child's bedroom furniture need a makeover? Do they need more space for all their stuff? Make the loft bed the focal point of their room and make it a fun family project to set up, paint and decorate together. See our Customer's Photo Gallery and Reviews for cool and creative bedroom ideas. If you have a small bedroom and are not sure whether a loft bed will fit, we have a Room Planner available to help you lay out the furniture in the room.

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Super Sturdy 1,000 lbs. Weight Capacity

With 1,000 lbs. of Weight Capacity, solid wood construction and Lifetime Warranty, our beds are sturdy enough for adults, college students and children and also meet the Consumer Products Safety Commission Loft & Bunk Bed Guidelines. If you are the type of parent that likes to snuggle up and read to your children in bed, you will appreciate the weight capacity and sturdiness our beds provide.

Product Specifications

Loft & Bunk Beds for College Students

Colleges We Ship To

Our nationwide online business started in 2002 primarily selling to college students in dorms, off-campus apartments, fraternity and sorority houses. To date we have shipped over 25,000 beds to over 600 Colleges and Universities across the USA. We are often asked about renting, but we do not rent our beds. The cost of purchasing our bed is about the same cost as a two semester rental. Students after graduation often continue to use them in their first apartment until they can afford to get into a larger place. At the end of your usage you can easily sell your bed on Craig's List, they typically sell fast.

Colleges We Ship To

High-Rise Mid-Height Low Loft Beds

If you are just looking for additional under bed storage space but don't want to be sleeping 5' off the floor consider using our High Rise Platform Bed. It can be made with up to 30" of storage space underneath. The storage space is perfect for storing your footlocker, boxes and out of season clothing. The bed also has an optional Double Bookshelf Headboard where you can place books, glasses, cell phone or anything else you need as all college students can always use more storage space.

High-Rise Mid-Height Low-Loft Beds

Need Space? Go Vertical...

...the Sky (ok, ceiling) is the limit. College students, your dorm or apartment is more than a place just to sleep. It's where you study, hang out with friends and relax. With a typical dorm room or apartment being a 12' x 15' box shared by 2 people, you need more space to store all your stuff. With a loft bed you can make the most of every inch of space you have. With 1,000 lbs. of weight capacity and all solid wood construction our lofts and bunks are one of the sturdiest available for college students and all our loft and bunk beds come with built-in ladders at both ends and a safety rail on the long exposed front side. When using two lofts in your room it will give you an additional 64 square feet of living space (it's like adding an 8'x8' addition to your room), and will actually make your small room "livable".

Why You Need A Loft Bed at College