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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

They are the exact same beds except for the number of safety rails. The College Loft Bed comes with one safety rail for the front (long) side and an optional one on the back. The Home Loft Bed comes with multiple safety rails (based on the thickness of the mattress) on all four sides and meets the Consumer Products Safety Commission Bunk Bed Guidelines. Mattress is not included.

Below: College Loft Bed & Home Loft Bed

No. All product information is available on our website.
We make Loft Beds for Twin, Twin-XL, Full, Queen and King size mattresses. We also make custom sizes to make the loft bed narrower or wider or shorter or longer as needed. Contact us if you need a custom size. Mattress is not included.

Yes. Our loft beds were specifically designed to be used with your existing dorm room bed frame. Most college dorm beds can be disassembled and the spring frame and mattress used on our loft. You remove the headboard and footboard from the existing dorm bed and place the frame and mattress on top of our bed slats. You can store the headboard and footboard behind the loft against the wall and out of the way.

Dorm room bed frames are all different, some have removable ends and some have non-removable short legs. Our loft beds are very flexible with moving around the bed slats to allow you to place your frame on top of the bed slats. If you are unsure about your specific dorm room bed frame then you should order the complete Mattress Foundation Bed Slats and just place the mattress on top of them.

Yes we can fit anything under the bed. Please contact us with your specifications we'll design it to make sure everything fits.

Both beds are very similar as they both provide a loft bed with a desk and multiple shelving. The biggest difference is weight capacity, specifications, sizes, warranty and price.

Weight Capacity: Our bed is designed for youth and adults and has a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs., the whole family can get into our bed for bedtime stories. Our beds are super sturdy and meets the Consumer Products Safety Commission Bunk Bed Guidelines. With our greater weight capacity and heavy duty construction our lofts will last your child from grade school through college and into their first apartment. The PB Teen bed was designed for young children and has a total weight capacity of 200 lbs. which includes the weight of the mattress plus the person. If you are the type of parent that likes to read to their child in bed, you are going to want the increased weight capacity our beds provide.

Specifications: We custom build each bed to your exact specifications so you can use any mattress thickness, any ceiling height and any space above and underneath. We also have taller leg options if you have ceilings greater than 8' you can get more space underneath. The PB Teen bed was designed for an 8' ceiling and the maximum mattress thickness allowed is 7". If your mattress is thicker than 7" then the safety rails will not be at the proper height above the top of the mattress and does not follow the Consumer Products Safety Commission Guidelines. With a very thin mattresses it may become uncomfortable as your child grows.

Sizes Available: Our beds are available in Twin, Full, Queen, King and custom sizes. We can make it any width and length you need. The PB Teen bed comes in full size only.

Warranty: Our beds come with a lifetime warranty and are Made in USA. The PB Teen bed doesn't mention a warranty and their beds are made in China.

Pricing: Our beds are between $700 - $1000 depending on the size and options. The PB Teen bed is nearly $2,000.

Finishes: Our beds are unfinished, have been hand sanded and are ready for paint or stain by the custonmer and may be finished to match any decor. The PB-Teen bed comes finished.

We have been in business since 2002 and sell thousands of beds every year. We sell to parents for youth and teen lofts, college students in dorms and apartments, colleges, fraternities and sororities houses across the country. We are a year round business and we provide a full warranty.

Better Business Bureau A+ Rating We are an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau and have the highest reputation with an A+ Rating. We have had no customer complaints in the past 14 years. You can get a BBB report on us by calling the BBB at 716-881-5222. We recommend before you purchase a loft bed from any company that you run a BBB Business Search on them, you will be surprised at what you find. We are also PayPal Verified.

We build and ship everything from our single location in Upstate NY. We don't have any other retail locations and only sell though this website or phone orders.

Please note that if you see our beds on another website it is either a used bed or a scam. We do not sell through: National Furnishing, ABC Home Store, Elite Decor, I-Dollar Store or U-Save More. Those websites are all operated by the same company and have illegally copied our pictures and text from our website and are selling a cheap imitation of our beds and have many complaints against them. We are not affiliated with them.

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Yes. Signing up for a PayPal account is optional. At the bottom of the payment screen you can directly enter your credit card and shipping information without setting up a PayPal account.
Once you use PayPal, it saves the email address and credit card number. For security purposes the credit card can not be used with another email account unless you change it through PayPal first. If you don't remember the email or password you can call PayPal Customer Service at 888-221-1161 and they can help you get it resolved. College Bed Lofts does not have any access to your credit card information and we can not get your password reset. If you have problems using your credit card please give us a call and we can take your order over the phone.
In most cases you have used PayPal in the past using a different email address. Once you use PayPal, it saves the email address and credit card number. For security purposes the credit card can not be used with another email account unless you change it through PayPal first. If you don't remember the email or password you can call PayPal Customer Service at 888-221-1161 and they can help you get it resolved. College Bed Lofts does not have any access to your credit card information and we can not get your password reset. If you have problems using your credit card please give us a call and we can take your order over the phone.
Yes. During checkout you will get an option to use PayPal Credit and get up to 6 months to pay it off.
After you place your order, you will receive an email from PayPal confirming your order within an hour. You will then receive an email from College Bed Lofts confirming your order within 1 business day. When the loft ships we will email you the FedEx Tracking Number.
Yes, we accept orders over the phone with all major credit cards or personal checks. Payments made by check takes four to five days to clear.
No. You purchase the loft, it is yours to keep and customize it to meet your needs. The purchase price of our bed is typically close to the cost of a yearly rental from most rental companies. Students after graduation often continue to use them in their first apartment until they can afford to get into a larger place. At the end of your usage you can easily sell your bed on Craig's List, they typically sell fast.
No. Each loft comes with a set of mattress foundation slats. Mattress is not included.
On the last page just before check-out you can change the shipping address or enter custom specifications. Also after placing the order you will return to a webpage where you can enter additional custom specifications. We will also sennd you a few emails that you can reply to with your custom specifications.
It depends on your ceiling height and mattress thickness you are using. We customize each loft to your exact requirements. During order entry you will enter the ceiling height and mattress thickness into the order form. You can see exactly what you are going to get by using our Loft Height Calculator.
No we don't offer them. They are a little difficult for the typical Do-It-Yourself person to assemble (they need very precise assembly with glue and long box clamps to get them perfectly square) and they are too large to ship with FedEx fully assembled.
Yes. Tempurpedic mattresses require a solid platform and we offer this on our order form.
Yes. If you are confined to a tight space, we can customize it to your exact requirements. There is a small customization charge to make the loft a little narrower or reduce the length. When measuring your room, measure the distance from wall to wall from the corner and go out about 4' and take another measurement, use the smaller measurement. The reason for this is many corners are not perfectly square and the wall may move in or out a little. Also when measuring take into account any baseboard or molding that may stick out. Use our Room Planner & Design Guide to plan out your room. Contact Us with your requirements or questions.
We don't need the large diagonal corner braces due to our larger 2x6 rails and 2x6 legs gives us a wider surface area for fastening the legs and rails. When you combine this with our ladder rungs that are notched, glued and screwed into the legs, it makes our lofts one of the sturdiest on the market with 1,000 lbs. of weight capacity.
Yes and no. Our bunk bed legs (corner posts) are made from one piece solid wood that supports both levels. This is what makes our beds very sturdy. The stackable bunk beds sold by most manufacturers just don't have the stability of solid one piece leg. So yes, you can take our bunk bed and cut it to make it into two individual beds, but you can't make it back into a bunk bed.
Yes and yes. We have a Loft Conversion Kit that will allow you to remove the bottom bunk and use it to make it into a separate loft bed and we have a Bunk Bed Kit available which will add a bottom bunk to your loft bed. Order them from our Accessories page.


Assembly Questions

You will need a cordless drill/screwdriver with a phillips #2 medium head bit, an adjustable (or 9/16") wrench and a hammer. Set up takes roughly 2 hours.
The bed slats are underneath the mattress and typically can't been seen. Though there may be some imperfections, stamps, marks and knots in the wood, it is basically used to provide the strength to support the mattress. Surface cracks and knots will not affect the strength of the wood. Also, the pilot holes at the ends of the slats are very close to the edge and if it is split it is ok as the screw is only used to prevent the slat from moving around. The screw itself doesn't add any support or stability to the loft. Our bed slat system provides 1000 lbs. of weight capacity.

After completing installation let the loft sit as the wood glue will take about 2 hours to dry. Do not use or put any pressure on the ladder rungs or loft while the glue is drying. After the wood glue has dried, the loft should be tight and not rock in any direction more than 1/2". If it does rock, try the following. Did you use a cordless drill/screwdriver? Make sure your drive the screws nice and tight, but do not strip the wood. With the 1-1/2" thick softwood, the screws should be recessed about 1/8" to make a tight fit. Try un-screwing them very slowly one at a time and re-tighten slowly. If you use a regular electric drill, make sure it has an adjustable chuck to adjust the tension on the screws, without an adjustable chuck, a regular drill will strip the screws into the wood. If you do strip the wood, you can fill the hole with toothpicks and a little wood glue and give it time to dry, then reinstall the screw.

If the loft rocks more than 1/2", what direction does it move? When standing at the front rail (the long side see diagram below) does it move front to back or left to right (head to foot)? If it moves front to back then the rungs are moving inside the notched legs. Did you coat the inside of the notches with the wood glue we provided? Remember, the wood glue will take about 2 hours to dry. Do not use or put any pressure on the ladder rungs while the glue is drying. Once the glue sets, the rungs and legs will become basically one piece and there should be no movement between them. Try adding a third screw to the rungs in-between the two existing screws, drive it into the wood slowly at an alternating up and down angle. If you have a small drill bit, use it to drill a pilot hole first to prevent the wood from splitting. If it moves left to right (head to foot) then the screws in the front and back rails should be checked. You may add additional screws to the front and back rails, spacing them roughly 3" apart. Also, drive the new screws at an alternating left and right angle, angled screws provides better support. The carriage bolt should be tight and the rounded end should be recessed about 1/16" into the wood. The carriage bolt is primarily used to support the weight and the screws provide the stability. More information is available by viewing our Assembly Instructions.

Example of the rail with more screws to further stabilize the left to right movement.

Basically you will leave all the pieces that go the width of the bed intact (single and double bookshelf, short desk, short safety rails) and remove all the long pieces (long desk, long safety rails, long shelf, desk shelf). We recommend you remove the bed rails and bed slats as one unit. Remove the carriage bolts and screws and slide it off the end ladders of the bed. Since the end ladders are glued, we recommend you leave them intact. Any safety rails, long desk or long shelves will then need to be removed.

Yes. Using a 3/8" drill bit you can re-drill holes for the front and back rail at any height you need. You can fill the old hole with a 3/8" wood dowel rod and sand it smooth. See instructions below.


Painting Questions

We do not offer painting or assembly services. We don't have the facilities for painting which require extensive EPA regulations in dealing with fumes and exhaust. You can usually find a local painter to do it at a reasonable cost.

For assembly, many major cities have Furniture Assembly companies. For example, if you do a Google search for "Furniture Assembly (city state)" and you put in your city and state, you will find local furniture assembly businesses. For example try: "Furniture Assembly New York City" and you will find a good number of companies. Also try

Yes. The beds come unfinished, hand sanded and ready to be painted or stained. We do recommend finishing the bed as unfinished wood will darken over time. Unfinished wood will also dry out (or absorb moisture in very humid climates) and surface cracks may appear over time. Surface cracks will not affect the stability of the loft. If you purchased the desktop we do recommend finishing it to preserve the writing surface and preventing surface cracks.
The wood has been hand sanded and is ready for finishing. The amount of further sanding that needs to be done is a matter of personal preference and how it is going to be used and finished. For college students that will be setting it up and taking it down a few times they typically don't finish it. If it is going to be used in a home and painted, the amount of sanding is minimal, typically going over the wood filler used to cover the screw holes. The bed slats are not sanded.

For the end ladders at each end of the bed, vertical front ladder and the long desk, we recommend you assemble them first before painting or staining them. The rungs of the ladders sometimes are a tight fit and the finish may get marked up during assembly. Also, the wood glue adheres better to unfinished wood. As for the rest of the bed, you can either do it before or after assembly. You get a better finish by doing all the individual pieces first, but it is a pain to paint all the pieces and then lay them down somewhere where it will not mark up the piece or the floor. It is much easier to paint or stain it when it is set up as opposed to all the individual pieces on the floor.

If you paint it, we recommend you apply a primer coat, and one or two finish coats of a durable enamel paint. For primer and paint, we recommend using Latex (water) based low VOC paint. A primer we recommend is KILZ, which can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

For staining the bed, we recommend using Minwax Polyshades all-in-one stain and polyurethane finish, it does a real nice job on all the pieces. The photo below is an example of using the Classic Oak stain. Stained Loft Bed

The bed looks good either painted or stained, so we don't have a specific recommendation. You may want to match the existing furniture in the room.

The bed is a very large piece of furniture, if this is your first time doing a staining project, it may be a little overwhelming and I would recommend painting it. Painting is much easier and if you mess it up, it can easily be re-painted. If you stain it and you want it to be very smooth you will need to sand between coats.

Paint: 1 quart primer, 1 quart latex enamel. Roll it on using a 4" wide High Density Foam Roller.

Stain: 1 quart of Minwax Polyshades. Apply with a good quality natural bristle brush.


Painted Loft Bed

Example of a customer's painted bed.

This bed was primed with Kilz Primer and finished with a white enamel paint.


Stained Loft Bed

Stained Loft Bed

Example of a customer's stained bed.

This bed was stained and clear coated using Minwax Polyshades Classic Oak.