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All Lofts Include:

- Pre-cut & Pre-drilled

  Unfinished Wood

- Integrated Left/Right


- Front/Back Rails

- 1 Safety Rail

- Mattress Foundation

- Hardware (all nuts,

  bolts, screws, glue)

- Instructions





Loft Bed


Youth   Teen   College Students  Adults


Product Information   Price List   Order Form   Accessories





Ready To Order?  Start Here...

- Beds are ordered by mattress size. For example, the Twin Regular will hold a mattress that

  is up to 39" wide and 75" long. See other sizes below. Click here to view loft dimensions.

- Mattress not included. You do not need to use a Box Spring with our loft beds.

- Most colleges use a Twin Extra Long 39" x 80" mattress that is 6" thick.

- After selecting the loft size you must scroll down and enter your specifications and then

  press Add To Cart below. You can then do a Continue Shopping to add more accessories. 

- All beds come with our standard 73" tall legs. You may increase them with our taller leg

  options below. Use our Height Calculator to see how much headroom you will get.

- All beds include our mattress foundation (see picture →) and have a weight capacity of 1000 lbs.                    Mattress Foundation

- The Safety Rail Sets may be added to the bed and are require for lofts used by children.

- All beds come with our Lifetime Warranty, click here for more information.

- All beds are unfinished, sanded and ready to be painted or stained to match any decor.

- All accessories including desks, bookshelves and ladder may be installed either on the left or right side.



After adding the loft bed to the cart, you may add more accessories to by clicking Order Accessories


Please Note:  We are aware that there are a few problems with some internet browsers that will not allow you to add some accessories to your order. If this occurs you can go to the Accessories page and add them to your cart or you can give us

a call at 866-739-2331 and place the order over the phone. The problems typically occur when using a Mac computer, smart phones and some Mozilla and Chrome browsers. We are working on the problems and hope to have them fixed shortly.


The Ordering Process Has 4 Steps

Step 1: Select Size & Specifications

Step 2: Select Optional Accessories

Step 3: Select Shipping & Order Processing Options

Step 4: Add to Shopping Cart


Step 1: Select Size & Specifications

Select Loft Size

What size should I use?


Twin (Single)                Full (Double)                  Queen                

Regular                39" x 75"  $309          54" x 75"  $369

XL Extra Long   39" x 80"  $329          54" x 80"  $389           60" x 80"  $419

XXL                      39" x 84"  $339          54" x 84"  $399           60" x 84"  $429



 How Much Headroom Will I Get Above and Underneath? 


We custom build each bed to your exact specifications, so it depends on your ceiling height and mattress thickness.  For example, if you have an 8' Ceiling and a 6" Mattress, you will get 58" Headroom Underneath & 30" Above.  Click here to use our Height Calculator to see how much headroom you will get using your specs.


Note: To get the most space underneath consider using our Extra Tall 85" Legs. 


We normally set the headroom above the mattress to 30".  For most people 30'' above is adequate and meets the Consumer Products Safety Commission guidelines as well as most college's requirements.


What Is Your Ceiling Height?


Why do we need this information?

Since we custom build each bed to your exact specifications, we need to know the ceiling height and mattress thickness.

We use this information to calculate how much headroom you will get above and underneath and to make sure the Double Bookshelf Headboard fits properly. If you have a low ceiling we will adjust the heights to make sure everything fits properly.


96" (8') Standard Ceiling       108" (9') Ceiling       Custom: Inches


Select Leg Height


We have two leg heights, Standard 73" Legs and if you would like more space underneath, Extra Tall 85" Legs.  If you are adding additional safety rails, you need to select the 85" legs.  If the legs are too tall for your specifications then we will cut

them at 2" above the safety rail to fit based on your specifications.  Please let us know if you do not want the legs cut. 

Please contact us if you need legs taller than 85".


Standard 73" Legs                           For ceilings up 8' (96")

Extra Tall 85" Legs $39.00        For ceilings greater than 8' or when adding

additional safety rails 


Select Leg Top Design


Our standard beds come with Square Top Legs. The Round Top Legs adds a nice decorative look and is very popular with loft beds for kid's bedrooms. If you order the Round Top with the Double Bookshelf Headboard, the footboard legs will be Round Top and the Double Bookshelf Posts will be half-round, click on the picture at left for more detail.  We will also provide a bracket to mount the Clock Shelf to the side of the leg.


Square Top Legs

Round Top Legs $19


Select Safety Rails


                              We follow the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Guidelines for Loft and Bunk Beds


Dorm Use Bed: The CPSC guideline is if the bed is used in an adult institutional environment (ie. college dorm),

one Safety Rail must be installed on the front (long) side and must be at least 5" above the top of the mattress. We refer to these as a Dorm Use Bed.  To save space, most dorm beds are placed up against a

wall, however, if your bed will not be up against a wall, we recommend a Safety Rail on the Back Side also.


Home Use Bed: The CPSC guideline for home or apartment beds (for children and adults) is that safety rails are required on all four sides with a small opening to enter the loft.  The top of the safety rail must be at least 5" above the top of the mattress. We refer to these as a Home Use Bed.  Each Safety Rail Set contains 4 safety rails, one for each side.  The number of Safety Rail Sets required is based on the thickness of your mattress.



All of our Loft Beds have Solid Pine Safety Rails and are premium grade

knot free clear pine. They are sanded and ready to be painted or stained.


 Dorm Use Bed

$0       One Safety Rail on Front (long) Side Only (included in base price)

$19     One Safety Rail on Front (long) and Back Side


 Home Use Bed

$59      Safety Rails for Mattress up to 8" Thick (2 Sets)

$79      Safety Rails for Mattress up to 16" Thick (3 Sets)


Select Additional Safety Rail Sets - Home Use Bed


If your mattress is greater than 16" thick or if you have young (pre-teen) children and would like the safety rails to be more than 5" above the top of the mattress, we also offer additional safety rail sets that go 10" and 15" above the top of the mattress.  You need to first select the Extra Tall 85" Legs (above) to be able to add additional sets of safety rails.


            No Thanks

$29      Additional Safety Rails to go 10" Above the Mattress

$49      Additional Safety Rails to go 15" Above the Mattress


What Is Your Total Mattress Thickness?


Enter the total thickness of your mattress and any mattress topper. We need this information to make sure we leave enough room for the safety rails above the top of the mattress. If your mattress is in-between one of these values, use the higher value. For example, if your mattress is 7 inches, select 8 inches.

6"   8"   10"   12"   14"   16"


How Much Space Do You Want Underneath?


If you select Maximum, we will position the mattress near the top of the legs leaving enough room for the safety rail(s) and giving you a minimum of 30" of headroom to the ceiling above.  You may also enter a custom value. The space underneath is from the Bed Slats to the floor. The front rail has a ledge to support the bed slats and will be 4" below the bed slats.  Click here to use our Height Calculator to see how much headroom you will get using your specs.


                                       Maximum        Custom: Inches


Step 2: Select Optional Accessories


Free Shipping on all Accessories when ordered with a loft bed


Shown below are all the accessories available for your loft bed.

You can create a unique custom one-of-a-kind loft bed to meet your needs by selecting the options below.




The beds shown below have been painted for illustration purposes only.

Our beds are unfinished & sanded and ready to be painted or stained by the customer. 


Loft Bed with Short Desk                                            Loft Bed with Long Desk

The All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed comes unfinished.  The loft bed shown here was painted for illustration purposes only.            The All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed comes unfinished.  The loft bed shown here was painted for illustration purposes only.


Solid Pine or MDF Shelving and Desktops


The bed frame and all major structural components of the bed are made from solid wood.


Our Shelving and Desktops are available in both Solid Pine and MDF material. Both are

very durable and will hold up well.

The Solid Pine panels are individual boards glued together to make a wider board. This process helps prevent warping and cupping which is typical with wide Pine boards. The

Pine has a very nice grain and looks good with paint, stain or a clear coat finish.


MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a recycled product made from wood waste glued together with resin, heat, and pressure. It is very smooth, uniform and it takes paint well.


Which one should I use?  First you should try to match the existing furniture in the room.

If you are planning on staining or clear coating the bed we recommend using Pine. It has a very nice light and dark grain which shows the beauty of natural wood. It is slightly more expensive than MDF.

If you are planning on painting the bed we recommend using MDF. The smooth surface will give your bed a very nice finish.

It is slightly less expensive than Pine.


Double Bookshelf Headboard


The Double Bookshelf Headboard is attached to the top of the legs and may be placed at either end of the bed

The Double & Single Bookshelves are our most popular options and is perfect for storing books, alarm clock, reading

light, cell phone, iPod, glasses or any item you need quick access to while on top of the bed. It is 18" high and if you

have a lower ceiling we will adjust the loft height and double bookshelf posts to make sure everything fits properly.


No Thanks

MDF Double Bookshelf Headboard $59

Pine Double Bookshelf Headboard $79




Short Shelf


The Short Bookshelf goes the short width of the bed, underneath the mattress area and may be attached anywhere at either end of the bed.  They are great for storing books, toys, games, pictures and many personal items.  You may use up to 3 shelves with the 73" legs and 4 shelves with the 85" legs at each end.  You can order more shelves at our accessories page. 

Buy the Double Bookshelf Headboard and a Single Bookshelf and get a free clock shelf (save $5).


MDF         Solid Pine

                          No Thanks

$29      $39    Single Bookshelf  (Free Clock Shelf with Double Bookshelf)

$58      $78    (2) Single Bookshelves

$87      $117  (3) Single Bookshelves

$116    $156  (4) Single Bookshelves


Long Shelf


The Long Shelf is placed underneath and it goes the across the back (long side) of the loft.  You may use up to 3 long

shelves with the 73" Legs or 4 with the 85" Legs. Get a free Accessory Shelf when you purchase a Long Shelf.


MDF         Solid Pine

                          No Thanks

$59      $69     Long Shelf & free Accessory Shelf (save $5)

$118    $138   (2) Long Shelves & (2) free Accessory Shelves (save $10)

$177    $207   (3) Long Shelves & (3) free Accessory Shelves (save $15)

$236    $276   (4) Long Shelves & (4) free Accessory Shelves (save $20)


Desk Options


Short    Long    L-Shaped    U-Shaped



We offer multiple desks: Short, Long, L-Shaped & U-Shaped. All are 20" deep, weight capacity 40 lbs.  The Short and

Long Desks are available in both Solid Pine and MDF. The L-Shaped and U-Shaped Desks are only available in Solid Pine. Please contact us if you need a custom desk built.


The Short Desk goes the width of the bed may be installed at either end underneath or on the outside end of the bed. It can also be installed at a higher location so you can stand at the desk. Studies show that standing at a desk is better for you.

We also offer a Desk Shelf which is attached to the short desk.


The Long Desk goes the full length of the bed across the back and gives you nearly twice the amount of desk space.


The L-Shaped Desk is a combination of the Long and Short Desk. It may be installed either as a Left or Right L.


The U-Shaped Desk is a combination of the Long and Short Desks. It provides the largest desktop area and is perfect for storing books, computers, toys, games and makes a very nice large arts & crafts table for active children.


Select Desk Option


 MDF               Solid Pine

                                      No Thanks

$69              $99        Short Desk

$109                     $139       Short Desk and Desk Shelf

$119                $149       Long Desk

$249       L-Shaped Desk

$299       U-Shaped Desk


 Accessory Shelf  & Clock Shelf


The Accessory Shelf may be placed anywhere on the front rail.  You may use multiple shelves to create a larger shelf area.  The Clock Shelf may be placed at the top of any leg.  Buy both and save $3.


No Thanks

Accessory Shelf (AS) $5

Clock Shelf (CS) $5

Accessory & Clock Shelves (AS) (CS) $7 (save $3)


Clothes Rack

 For rooms that don't have a closet for hanging clothes or for college students needing more clothes

 hanging space. It is 3' long for the twin size and 4' long for the full and queen size beds. [?]


No Thanks

(1) Clothes Rack (CR) $15

(2) Clothes Racks (CR1) $30

(3) Clothes Racks (CR2) $45

(4) Clothes Racks (CR3) $60


Towel Bar

 The Towel Bar is very popular with college students as dorm rooms and apartments typically don't have a place

 to hang wet towels in the room (and you definitely don't want to leave your towels in a shared bathroom).  The

 towel bar is 3' long and comes unassembled and may be attached anywhere on the loft. [?]


No Thanks

(1) Towel Bar (TB) $15

(2) Towel Bars (TB2) $30

(3) Towel Bars (TB3) $45

(4) Towel Bars (TB4) $60




Ladders - Vertical & Angled



Vertical Front Ladder


You need about 2 feet of space at the footboard end of the bed to be able

to climb up using the built-in vertical ladders. If you do not have enough

space, you can use the optional Vertical Front Ladder (long side - see

picture) to climb up the front.


                                      No Thanks

                                      Vertical Front Ladder $59













Angled Front Ladder & Angled End Ladder


We also have Angled Ladders which may be attached to the Front (long

side - see picture) or at the End (footboard) of the bed.  The angled ladder

2x4 rungs are positioned flat giving you a larger surface area for climbing

up and it is much easier on your feet.  The Angled Ladder comes pre-

assembled and is ready to be attached and extends out roughly 18".


The angled ladder may be installed either on the Front (long side) or at

the End (footboard) and either on the left or right.


                                      Angled Front Ladder $89

                                      Angled End Ladder $89







Angled Ladder Handrails


We also have Handrails for our Angled Ladders. They attach to both sides

of the Angled Ladder and it makes it much easier climbing up and down.


                                      No Thanks

                                      Handrail $59













No Thanks

Solid Platform Twin $39

Solid Platform Full $49

Solid Platform Queen $59


Step 3: Shipping & Order Processing Options

Shipping Charge


The shipping charge is a flat rate per bed charge based on the State it is being shipped to. All accessories are

shipped at no additional shipping charge no matter how many accessories or options you add to your order.

Please select the shipping charge based on the Zone it is being shipped to below. We use FedEx Ground Shipping.


$149                                $139                        $129                  $109


 Select Shipping Charge >                                                                                             


Pick-Up from our location at 382 Upper Oakwood Ave. Elmira, NY 14903


Select Order Processing


Orders are currently shipping out from our manufacturing facility in business days.  With Rush Service

your order will ship out the next business day.  Once shipped, it will arrive based on our Transit Time Map.

Standard Processing: Ship my order out in business days

Rush Service: Ship my order out the next business day $49


Select Delivery Options


Nationwide Shipping                                        Transit Time Map


                           Standard Delivery:  Delivery sometime between 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Monday - Saturday. 

                                Once shipped, your order will will arrive based on our Transit Time Map


                           Date Certain Delivery:  Choose this option if you want your order to arrive on a specific date

                                Tuesday - Saturday with delivery sometime between 8:00 am - 8:00 pm.  $15


                                 Enter Requested Delivery Date: mm/dd


                            Appointment Delivery:  Choose this option if you want FedEx to contact you to setup a specific

                                 date & time (within a 2 hour window) appointment for delivery Tuesday - Saturday  $30


Note: When entering your requested delivery date for Date Certain or Appointment Delivery please

remember that orders ship out in business days (unless Rush Service is requested) and

transit time to your location is based on the Transit Time Map.


Phone Number - Required

Please enter your Phone Number(s) in case we need to contact you.



Step 4: Add to Shopping Cart

Click below to add the loft to your shopping cart




Before going to checkout, please review the following:

- Be sure to add to your Address Book to ensure our email gets delivered to you.

- You may change the order quantity anytime in the shopping cart.

- When entering your credit card number, enter only the digits without spaces or dashes between them.

- During checkout you will enter a contact phone number.  Please enter the phone number of the person who will be

  receiving the bed.  If there is a problem with the delivery, FedEx may try to contact you using this phone number. 

- During checkout you will be asked to first enter your billing address and then you will have an option to change your

  shipping address.  Please double check your shipping address, if we need to change an address after the order has

  shipped, there is an additional $15 per package FedEx address change fee that will be billed to you.  With a typical order

  being 4-6 packages, an address change may cost you $90 or more depending on the number of packages. There may be

  additional charges if the address change required the packages to be sent to a different FedEx terminal.

- Please read all emails that we send you carefully.

- We will review each order, if anything looks unusual we will contact you.


For lofts used in dorm rooms, please read the following:

If your dorm room has fixed furniture that can't be moved, you should double check the room measurements against our Loft Measurements to verify the loft will fit into the room.  Each dorm room setup is different and the customer is responsible to make sure the loft will fit into the available space.  We can shorten the loft to fit the available space if needed.  Please enter your custom space requirements during checkout.


Safety Guidelines

Our loft bed, bunk beds and high rise platform low loft beds were designed utilizing the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) safety guidelines.  The upper level should not be used by children under the age of 6.  Only use a properly sized mattress based on your specifications provided above.  If modifications or alternations are made it must conform to the CPSC Document #071 requirements.  The customer must assemble this bed to ensure the top of the safety rail is at least 5'' above the top of the mattress and there are no opening around the mattress area that is greater than 3''. 

If this bed is to be used in an institutional environment (dorm room), a single safety rail must be installed on the front (long) side, and if the back side is not firmly up against a wall, a back safety rail must be used.  If this bed is not in an institutional environment, then safety rails must be installed on all 4 sides with an opening to be able to climb in.  The customer must follow the assembly instructions. 


Since College Bed Lofts cannot control the quality of the assembly nor modifications made to the loft, Eastbay Solutions Group, LLC, web: College Bed Lofts will not be held legally liable from any accidents, injuries or property damage resulting from the use of our beds.  No horseplay, jumping or leaning over the edge is allowed on our beds.  You must use the ladder to climb up into the upper bunk.  Because of the very nature of sleeping on an elevated surface, there are obvious and inherent risks involved due to falling. This risk is enhanced when consciousness is limited or impaired due to sleep, lack of sleep, illness, consumption of alcohol, taking medications, inhalation of smoke/fumes or similar factors. The loft is an all natural wood product and will burn when fire or sufficient heat is present.  Elevated beds may also create obstructions or impediments that increase the hazards encountered in a fire or other emergency by hindering evacuation or fire suppression activities. Customers who choose to use our bed shall be deemed to have assumed all risks of accidents, injury and property damage associated with their placement and use. 

As a general safety precaution do not place the loft near any window, door, closet, fire/smoke alarm or ceiling fan. 


All college residence halls have specific requirements regarding the use and placement of lofts and students are required to follow all college requirements. 


The safety rail must be in use at all times!



We are PayPal Verified and an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau.

Before you buy a loft from any company, you should review their BBB report.




We use PayPal, the secure, simple and fast way to buy online.  You may charge your online order to any major

credit card or to your PayPal account.  We also accept credit card or personal check orders over the phone. 

For phone orders please call Don toll free at 866-739-2331 Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm eastern time.