Loft & Bunk Bed Height Calculator

How much Space will I get Above, Underneath and Between?

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8' = 96"

9' = 108"

10' = 120"


Space Under Calculation

Ceiling Height

- Space Above

- Mattress Thickness

- 2" (ledge for slats)

= Space Under


Leg Height Calculation

Space Under

+ 2" (ledge for slats)

+ Mattress Thickness

+ 7" (legs above matt)

= Leg Height





Enter your specifications below and then press 


                                               Total Mattress Thickness  inches [?]   

                                                               Ceiling Height   inches [?]

                            Minimum Space Above Upper Mattress   inches [?]                      


          Space Calculation Results


                                                         Using                            Using                          Using

                                                      73" Legs                        85" Legs                     93" Legs

          Space Above Upper Mattress                                                    [?]

           Loft Bed Space Underneath                                                       [?]

Bunk Bed Space Between Bunks                                                       [?]

                                  Actual Leg Height                                                             [?]





We have three Leg Heights: Standard 73" Legs (for ceilings up to 8'), Extra Tall 85" Legs (for ceilings greater than 8' or

when using additional safety rails) and Super Tall 93" legs.  If the legs are too tall based on your specifications we will cut

them 2" above the safety rail to fit based on your specifications.  Please let us know if you do not want the legs cut. 


For the Super Tall 93" Legs, the bed may be slightly top heavy and we require you to also use our Corner & Rung Braces

to further stabilize the bed.  Contact us if you need legs taller than 93".  We can also drill all legs for multiple heights.


We position the top of the Safety Rail 5" above the top of the mattress, which follows the Consumer Products Safety Commission Guidelines.  If you order additional Safety Rails to go 10" or 15" above the top of the mattress you will need to order the taller legs.  For example, if based on your specs you need 73" legs and you ordered extra safety rails, you will need to order the 85" legs. 


We make the legs 2" taller to allow for the Double Bookshelf Headboard to be attached to the top of the legs.  If you ordered the Double Bookshelf Headboard (typically 18" high and is attached to the top of the legs) we will make sure everything fits properly

based on your ceiling height, mattress thickness and space underneath specifications.


For Bunk Beds we leave 4" of space underneath the lower rail and the lower mattress starts at 10" from the floor.  Please let us

know if you would like this to be higher or lower.  We can set it as low as 1/2" from the floor.


Bed Measurements




Frequently Asked Questions



How much space will I get above and underneath?  We custom build each bed to your exact specifications, so it depends on your ceiling height and mattress thickness.


We normally set the space above the mattress to 30" (unless you specify something different).  For most people 30'' space above is adequate and most colleges also recommend 30" space above.


For example, the loft shown here has a 6" mattress and there is 58" of space underneath the bed slats.  The student in the picture is 5' 9" tall and when sitting down, has about 6" of space from the top of his head to the bed slats.  From the top of the mattress there is 30" of space to the 8' ceiling above.





The space underneath is to the bottom of the bed slats, how much space

is underneath the rail?  The bottom of the rail is 4" below the bed slats. 

See diagram at left for more detail.








I have a young child, can I have it drilled for multiple heights, lower to start then move it up as he grows?  Yes.  During checkout there is a box where you can enter custom specifications.  For example, you can say: please drill for space underneath at 45" and 58".  Please note that safety is always a concern when using loft or bunk beds.  With the space above at 30", it is more difficult for a child to stand up.  If you lower the frame to have more space above, this may give your child enough room to be able to stand up in bed.  Children must never stand up or jump on the bed as they could easily fall over the side.


How much space do I need if I want to sit underneath?  It depends on how tall you are but we recommend a minimum of 52" underneath.  Sit at a chair and measure yourself to see how much space you need.  Remember that kids grow (too) fast, so estimate their height during their teen years.


What is the Total Mattress Thickness?  It is the total thickness of the mattress, box spring and mattress topper.

Note, you do not need to use a box spring, bunkie board, plywood or MDF board to support the mattress.  The

mattress will lay on top of our mattress foundation bed slats (see picture) which is included with each bed. 

Our mattress foundation gives you 1000 lbs. of weight capacity.


What is the Minimum Space Above Mattress?  It is the minimum space you want between the top of the mattress and the ceiling.  The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines and most colleges recommend 30".  For home use beds we recommend 30", however you can set it to anything you want.  See the next question if you want to get closer to the ceiling.  On the order form, we ask you How Much Space Do You Want Underneath?  If you select Maximum, we will position the mattress at the top of the legs leaving enough room for the safety rail and giving you a minimum of 30" above.  You may also enter a custom value on the order form.


Can I go closer to the ceiling to get more space underneath?  Yes.  Basically, we can position the mattress platform at any height, so, for every inch you gain underneath you lose an inch above.  Most colleges recommend a minimum of 30" of space from the top of the mattress to the ceiling.  If this is for a home or an apartment use you can go closer to the ceiling.  We recommend you try it out first to make sure you feel comfortable being closer to the ceiling.  We recommend you lay down on your current bed face up and place a sheet of cardboard 30" above your mattress.  Then move it down to 29", 28" and so on until you get the right amount of space to make you feel comfortable.  We don't recommend going closer than 24" though, but it is totally up to you. 


Can you lower the loft or can I use a custom size mattress?  Yes and yes.  We have a High Rise Platform Bed that has 30" of space underneath.  If you need the regular loft a little shorter we can cut it down to any size you need.  If you have an odd size mattress or are confined to a tight space, we can custom build your loft to your specifications.


For lofts used in dorm rooms, please read the following

If your dorm room has fixed furniture that can't be moved you should double check the room measurements against our bed measurements to verify the bed will fit into the room.  Each dorm room layout is different and the customer is responsible to make sure the bed will fit into the room.  We can shorten the bed to fit the available space if needed.  Please enter your custom space requirements during checkout.