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Typical Dorm Room


The average college student spends $8500 a year for a typical dorm room or off-campus apartment.  Given that this is his or her total living, studying and sleeping space for the next four years, you need to make it as comfortable and organized as possible.  You can't change the size of your room, but you can use our loft bed to gain more space and make it your home away from home.


"I think it is important for students to personalize their college room, especially since it is their home away from home. Their room is also the place where they spend the vast majority of their time - so it needs to feel comfortable and hopefully a place where students can feel productive." ... Deb Lo Biondo, assistant dean of Residence Life Duke University


Your college room should be a place where you can study effectively and provide a safe environment from outside stress. Your dorm or apartment should be a place where you can have friends visit, host movie nights or curl up with a good book and study.


How can you identify who are the parents of freshmen during move in day?  They're the ones who are bringing half the stuff back home with them because it all didn't fit into the dorm room.


Typical Dorm Room or College Apartment

A typical 9' x 12' shared dorm room consists of twin extra long bed (39" x 80"), a four drawer dresser, desk & chair and a 4' wide closet that you share with a roommate.  To gain space, most students place one of the dressers inside the closet.  There is typically about 4' - 5' of space between the beds and about 3' - 4' of space between the bed and the desk. 


Forget trying to put your TV, microwave and refrigerator

into your room, without a loft bed, you just don't have the space.


The first thing parents say when they walk into a dorm room is

"Is this all the space you get?"


With two loft beds you can nearly double the space in your room.


For the cost of about three textbooks you can go from this...


to this...


"His bedroom at home was never this organized"...Mom


Dorms, Apartments, Fraternity & Sorority Houses

Using two lofts in your room will give you an additional 64 square feet of living space (it's like adding an 8'x8' addition to your room), and will actually make your small room "livable".



FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


If I use your loft bed, what can I do with my existing dorm room desk?

You can place your desk underneath your loft, or use our desktop (shown above) and use your existing desk for a TV stand.


I live in a dorm and the bath room is down the hall, where can I hang my wet towels?  Our Clothes Rack & Towel Bar are the perfect solutions.


College Room Makeover - Dorm Life101


With our Ready-To-Assemble kits and fast

FedEx shipping you can quickly

get more space in your place.



For the Do-It-Yourselfers you

can build it using our $10 Loft Plans.

Print the plans from our web site now.



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