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All Lofts Include:

- Pre-cut & Pre-drilled

  Unfinished Wood

- Integrated Left/Right


- Front/Back Rails

- Mattress Foundation

- Hardware (all nuts,

  bolts, screws, glue)

- Instructions





Play Loft Bed

Playhouse   Clubhouse   Indoor Tree-house


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The Play Loft Bed is a great way to create a nice play and reading area for your child. Once your child outgrows it, it can easily be converted to a regular loft bed by placing a mattress on the platform. With a Play Loft, we extend the legs to make the safety rails go 30" above the platform area and we add additional bracing for the safety rails (see diagram below).  You may enter the loft from either end with the built in ladders or from the front using our optional Vertical Front Ladder or using our Angled End Ladder or Angled Front Ladder as shown in the photo below. 


A nice option for younger children is to add a bunk bed bottom. Your child can sleep on the bottom bunk and use the top for a play area. Once your child is old enough to sleep on top, you can remove the bottom bunk and make it into a loft bed. The Playroom Loft Bunk Bed meets the Consumer Products Safety Commission Guidelines.


We custom build every bed to your exact specifications so we can fit it to any ceiling height.


The Play Loft can be made from any size (Twin, Twin XL, Full or Queen) bed.  We have two leg heights, Standard Legs for an 8' ceiling will give you 44" underneath and Extra Tall Legs for a 9' ceiling will give you 55" underneath.  There are 5 rows of safety rails that go 30" above the top of the platform.  The platform has 1/2" plywood on top of the bed slats.  We recommend placing carpeting over the plywood to make a nice soft floor. 



All of our Playroom Beds have Solid Pine Safety Rails and are premium grade knot free clear pine. 


The bed comes unfinished, sanded and ready to be painted or stained by the customer.  For illustration purposes, shown below is an example of a customer's Queen size stained Playroom Loft Bed. It has 90" tall legs and 55" of space underneath.


           Loft Bed with Play Area above


Select Size & Specifications

Select Loft Size

What size should I use?

Twin        39" x 75"  $789

Twin XL    39" x 80"  $809

Full          54" x 75"  $899

Queen      60" x 80"  $949    


 What Is Your Ceiling Height?


 We need this information to calculate how much headroom you will get above and underneath.


96" (8') Standard Ceiling       108" (9') Ceiling       Custom: Inches


Select Leg Height


We have two leg heights.  For an 8' ceiling the Standard Legs will give you 44" underneath.  For 9' or taller ceiling the

Extra Tall Legs will give you 55" underneath.  After you place the order we will contact you to review the specifications.


Standard Legs                          For ceilings up 8'

Extra Tall Legs $59.00       For ceilings greater than 8'


Select Leg Top Design


    Our standard bed comes with Square Top Legs.  The Round Top Legs adds

    a nice decorative look and is very popular with loft beds for kid's bedrooms.


                              Square Top Legs

                              Round Top Legs (RT) $19



Select Optional Accessories


Headboard - Bookshelves - Desks


The following accessories may be added to your loft bed:  DB-Double Bookshelf Headboard, SB-Short Bookshelf,

LS-Long Shelf and DS-Desk Shelf.  We also have a Short Desk and a Long Desk available.  You can create

a unique custom one-of-a-kind loft bed to meet your needs by selecting the options below.








Double Bookshelf Headboard


The Double Bookshelf Headboard is attached to the top of the legs and may be placed at either end of the bed. 


No Thanks

Double Bookshelf Headboard $79



Short Bookshelf


The Short Bookshelf goes underneath and may be attached anywhere at either end of the bed. 


No Thanks

(1) Short Bookshelf $29

(2) Short Bookshelves $58 

(3) Short Bookshelves $87 

(4) Short Bookshelves $116


Long Shelf

The Long Shelf is placed underneath and it goes the across the back (long side) of the loft.  You may use up to 3 long shelves with the Regular 73" Legs or 4 with the Extra Tall 85" Legs.


No Thanks

(1) Long Shelf $59

(2) Long Shelves $118

(3) Long Shelves $177

(4) Long Shelves $236



Desktop & Desk Shelf

Short    Long    L-Shaped    U-Shaped


We offer multiple desks: Short, Long, L-Shaped & U-Shaped. All are 20" deep, weight capacity 40 lbs.  Please contact us if you need a custom desk built.


The Short Desk goes the width of the bed may be installed at either end underneath or on the outside end of the bed. It can also be installed at a higher location so you can stand at the desk. Studies show that standing at a desk is better for you.

We also offer a Desk Shelf which is attached to the short desk.


The Long Desk goes the full length of the bed across the back and gives you nearly twice the amount of desk space.


The L-Shaped Desk is a combination of the Long and Short Desk. It may be installed either as a Left or Right L.


The U-Shaped Desk is a combination of the Long and Short Desks. It provides the largest desktop area and is perfect for storing books, computers, toys, games and makes a very nice large arts & crafts table for active children.     


Select Desk Option


             No Thanks

$99        Short Desk

$149      Short Desk and Desk Shelf

$149      Long Desk

$249      L-Shaped Desk

$299      U-Shaped Desk


Ladders - Vertical & Angled



Vertical Front Ladder


You need about 2 feet of space at the footboard end of the bed to be able

to climb up using the built-in vertical ladders. If you do not have enough

space, you can use the optional Vertical Front Ladder (long side - see

picture) to climb up the front.


                                      No Thanks

                                      Vertical Front Ladder $59












Angled Ladder - Front and End


We also have Angled Ladders which may be attached to the Front (long

side - see picture) or at the End (footboard) of the bed.  The angled ladder

2x4 rungs are positioned flat giving you a larger surface area for climbing

up and it is much easier on your feet.  The Angled Ladder comes pre-assembled and is ready to be attached and extends out roughly 18".


The angled ladder may be installed either on the Front (long side) or at

the End (footboard) and either on the left or right.


                                      Angled Front Ladder $89

                                      Angled End Ladder $89




Bunk Bed Bottom

A nice option for younger children is to make the Playroom Loft by using a bunk bed bottom.  Your child can sleep on the bottom bunk and use the top for a play area.  Once your child is old enough to sleep on top, you can remove the bottom bunk and make it into a loft bed.

No Thanks

Bunk Bed Bottom $130



Shipping & Order Processing Options


Shipping Charge & Estimated Transit Time


The shipping charge is a flat rate per bed charge based on the State it is being shipped to.  All accessories are shipped at no additional shipping charge no matter how many accessories or options you add to your order. Please select the shipping charge based on the Zone it is being shipped to below. We use FedEx Ground Shipping.  Orders are currently shipping out from our manufacturing facility in business days and once shipped it will arrive based on the estimated Transit Times below.  


 Select Shipping Charge >  Z4 $159     Z3 $149       Z2 $139        Z1 $119


Pick-Up from Elmira, NY 14903


Select Delivery Options


Nationwide Shipping


                           Standard Delivery:  Delivery sometime between 8:00 am - 8:00 pm Monday - Saturday. 

                                Once shipped, your order will will arrive based on our Transit Time Map


                           Date Certain Delivery:  Choose this option if you want your order to arrive on a specific date

                                Tuesday - Saturday with delivery sometime between 8:00 am - 8:00 pm.  $15


                                 Enter Requested Delivery Date: mm/dd


                            Appointment Delivery:  Choose this option if you want FedEx to contact you to setup a specific

                                 date & time (within a 2 hour window) appointment for delivery Tuesday - Saturday  $30


Note: When entering your requested delivery date for Date Certain or Appointment Delivery please

remember that orders ship out in business days (unless Rush Service is requested) and

transit time to your location is based on the Transit Time Map.


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