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Accessories Order Form


Accessories shown below may be added to our beds at any time.  They may be added either during or after initial assembly.  We recommend you order your accessories at the same time you order your bed because there are no additional Shipping Charges for accessory items when ordered and shipped with a bed.  If an accessory item is ordered as a separate item (without a bed on the order), please contact us first to get the shipping charge for that item.  You may enter the shipping charge at the bottom of this page.


Our beds are unfinished, sanded and ready for paint or stain.  The painted and stained beds below have been finished by our customers and are for illustration purposes only.









    Double Bookshelf        Single Bookshelf & Double Bookshelf Headboard


   Single Bookshelf goes underneath and the Double Bookshelf goes above the mattress and serves as the

   headboard.  They may be assembled at either end of the bed and you may use up to 4 single bookshelves

   on a bed.  Buy a Single Bookshelf and Double Bookshelf Headboard and get a free Clock Shelf (save $5).


   Note: The All-In-One Sleep & Study Loft Bed already includes the Double Bookshelf Headboard.


                                     Single Bookshelf $29

                                     Double Bookshelf Headboard $59

                                     Single & Double & free Clock Shelf $88 (save $5)


Single Bookshelf



Solid Headboard


The Solid Headboard may be used as a very nice decorative piece to prevent your pillow from falling out the back or you may lean up against it when reading in bed.  It can be used on the loft and both levels of the bunk bed and is attached to the legs.  It is available in MDF (Fiberboard), Plywood (right photo), Solid Pine (left photo).  It is 18" high. 



                                                                                  Solid Headboard MDF $69

Solid Headboard Plywood $79

Solid Headboard Pine $99



Long Shelf  $59.00



The Long Shelf is placed underneath and it goes across the back of the loft.  You may

use up to 3 long shelves with the Regular 73" Legs or 4 with the Extra Tall 85" Legs.

Get a free Accessory Shelf when you purchase a Long Shelf (save $5).



Desk Options


Short    Long    L-Shaped    U-Shaped



We offer multiple desks: Short, Long, L-Shaped & U-Shaped. All are 20" deep, weight capacity 40 lbs.  The Short and

Long Desks are available in both Solid Pine and MDF. The L-Shaped and U-Shaped Desks are only available in Solid Pine. Please contact us if you need a custom desk built.


The Short Desk goes the width of the bed may be installed at either end underneath or on the outside end of the bed. It can also be installed at a higher location so you can stand at the desk. Studies show that standing at a desk is better for you.

We also offer a Desk Shelf which is attached to the short desk and goes the length of the bed across the back of the bed.


The Long Desk goes the full length of the bed across the back and gives you nearly twice the amount of desk space.


The L-Shaped Desk is a combination of the Long and Short Desk. It may be installed either as a Left or Right L.


The U-Shaped Desk is a combination of the Long and Short Desks. It provides the largest desktop area and is perfect for storing books, computers, toys, games and makes a very nice large arts & crafts table for active children.


If you have a lower ceiling and don't have enough headroom space to sit underneath the loft, you can place the Long Desk at the front of the bed

and place your chair outside the bed.


If you need a very deep desk, you can use two Long Desks to create a

40" deep desk.








MDF              Solid Pine

 $69           $99      Short Desktop

 $109         $139     Short Desktop and Desk Shelf

 $59                            Desk Shelf Only

 $119         $149     Long Desktop

                      $249     L-Shaped Desk




Accessory Shelf  & Clock Shelf


           The Accessory Shelf may be placed anywhere on the front rail.  You may use

           multiple shelves to create a larger shelf area.  The Clock Shelf may be placed

           at the top of any leg.  Buy both and save $3.


                                                Accessory Shelf $5

Clock Shelf $5

Accessory & Clock Shelves $7 (save $3)




Clothes Rack  $15.00


  The Clothes Rack is placed underneath the bed and is 3' long for the twin size and 4' long for the full and queen

  size beds.  It comes completely assembled and goes underneath the mattress between the bed slats.  It is

  perfect for rooms that don't have a closet for hanging clothes or for college students needing a more clothes

  hanging space.  You can have multiple clothes rack on a loft.


                                                                                  (1) Clothes Rack $15

(2) Clothes Racks $30

(3) Clothes Racks $45




Towel Bar  $15.00


  The Towel Bar is very popular with college students as dorm rooms and apartments typically don't have a place

  to hang wet towels in the room (and you definitely don't want to leave your towels in a shared bathroom).  The

  towel bar is 3' long and comes unassembled and may be attached anywhere on the loft.  Typically it is

                           attached to one of the rungs (either inside or outside), behind the loft or can hang from one of the slats. 

                           You can have multiple towel bars on a loft.


                                                                                  (1) Towel Bar $15

(2) Towel Bars $30

(3) Towel Bars $45




Safety Rails


                              We follow the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Guidelines for Loft and Bunk Beds


Dorm Use Bed: The CPSC guideline is if the bed is used in an adult institutional environment (ie. college dorm),

one Safety Rail must be installed on the front (long) side and must be at least 5" above the top of the mattress. We refer to these as a Dorm Use Bed.  To save space, most dorm beds are placed up against a

wall, however, if your bed will not be up against a wall, we recommend a Safety Rail on the Back Side also.


Home Use Bed: The CPSC guideline for home or apartment beds (for children and adults) is that safety rails are required on all four sides with a small opening to enter the loft.  The top of the safety rail must be at least 5" above the top of the mattress and there can not be any openings larger than 3" anywhere above the mattress foundation. We refer to these as a Home Use Bed.  Each Safety Rail Set contains 4 safety rails, one for each of the sides.  The number of Safety Rail Sets required is based on the thickness of the mattress. 



All of our Beds have Solid Pine Safety Rails and are premium grade

knot free clear pine. They are sanded and ready to be painted or stained.



Select Safety Rails - Dorm Use Bed


     $19     One Safety Rail on Front (long) Side Only

     $38     One Safety Rail on Front (long) and Back Side


Select Safety Rails - Home Use Bed


     $69      Safety Rails for Mattress up to 8" Thick (2 Sets)

     $89      Safety Rails for Mattress up to 16" Thick (3 Sets)


Select Additional Safety Rail Sets - Home Use Bed


If your mattress is greater than 16" thick or if you have young (pre-teen) children and would like the safety rails to be more

than 5" above the top of the mattress, we also offer additional safety rail sets that go 10" and 15" above the top of the mattress.  You need to first select the Extra Tall 85" Legs (above) to be able to add additional sets of safety rails.


     $29      Additional Safety Rails to go 10" Above the Mattress

     $49      Additional Safety Rails to go 15" Above the Mattress




Ladders - Vertical & Angled



Vertical Front Ladder


You need about 2 feet of space at the footboard end of the bed to be able

to climb up using the built-in vertical ladders. If you do not have enough

space, you can use the optional Vertical Front Ladder (long side) to climb

up the front.  The ladder is 18" wide.


                                      Vertical Front Ladder $59









Angled Front Ladder & Angled End Ladder


We also have Angled Ladders may be attached to the Front (long side see left photo) or at the End (footboard see right photo) of the bed.  The angled ladder 2x4 rungs are positioned flat giving you a larger surface area for climbing up and it is much easier on your feet.  The Angled Ladder comes pre-assembled and ready to be attached to the loft, is 18" wide and extends out roughly 18" at the bottom.


The weight capacity of the standard Angled Ladder is 250 lbs.  We also have Heavy Duty Angled Ladders with a weight capacity of 350 lbs.


                                      Angled Front Ladder $89    (250 lbs. capacity)

                                      Angled End Ladder $89      (250 lbs. capacity)


                                      Angled Front Ladder $129   (350 lbs. capacity)

                                      Angled End Ladder $129     (350 lbs. capacity)


Angled Ladder Handrails


We also have Handrails for our Angled Ladders. They attach to both sides

of the Angled Ladder and it makes it much easier climbing up and down.


                                        Angled Ladder Handrail $59



Angled Ladder Hooks


If you need your ladder to be easily removable, we also have Angled Ladder Hooks available. They attach to the back of the Angled Ladder.


                                        Angled Ladder Hooks $19





Bunk Bed Kit $130


You may use our Bunk Bed Kit to convert a loft bed into a bunk bed or to make a bunk bed into a

triple bunk bed.  For triple bunk beds, you need to have at least a 9' ceiling and you will need to order

the 85" legs and the Front Ladder to be able to climb into the middle bunk.  The kit comes with (2) rails,

the Mattress Foundations (bed slats) and hardware. Not available for High Rise Beds.





93" Super Tall Legs  $168


For bedrooms with a ceiling height greater than 9' we also have Super Tall Legs up to 93" tall. Since the

bed is very tall and top heavy the Corner and Rung Braces (shown below) are required to stabilize the bed.


The cost is $59 plus a FedEx "Oversize" charge of $60 plus the Corner & Rung Braces for $49 for a

total of $168.  FedEx imposes the oversize charge whenever a package is greater than 85" in length.  




Corner & Rung Braces


   For all of our standard beds, Corner and Rung Braces are not required. However if you have customized it to

   make it taller or longer or if you want additional bracing then Corner and/or Rung Braces may be added.


   Also some colleges require all beds to have Corner & Rung Braces.


   The Corner Braces go on the long sides, Rung Braces go on the rungs at the headboard & footboard ends.


(4) Corner Braces $29

(4) Rung Braces $29

(4) Corner and (4) Rung Braces $49 (save $9)




Loft Conversion Kit


  The loft conversion kit allows you to convert one of our existing beds with a new set of legs and rungs.  For

  example, you can convert a bunk bed into two loft beds, convert a high rise to a loft or vice versa.  For bunk

  beds, you will remove the bottom bunk (rails and slats) and install it on the legs we provide, you will end up

  converting one bunk bed into two loft beds.  For your existing high rise bed, this will allow you to convert it

  into a tall loft bed.  This is perfect for young children initially needing a lower loft and moving up to a taller loft

  as they get older.  During checkout enter into the custom specifications box the size of your existing bed and 

  how much space you want underneath.


Loft Conversion Kit with 39" Legs $159

               Includes: (4) Legs (4) Rungs (1) Hardware Kit


Loft Conversion Kit with 73" Legs $199

               Includes: (4) Legs (8) Rungs (2) Safety Rails (1) Hardware Kit


Loft Conversion Kit with 85" Legs $239

               Includes: (4) Legs (10) Rungs (2) Safety Rails (1) Hardware Kit



Mattress Foundation Bed Slats


  The Mattress Foundation Bed Slats are a set of 1-1/2" thick bed slats that will fill the mattress area with a 3" gap

  between the slats.  Please note, you do not need to supply a box spring, bunkie board or plywood with our beds,

 you can place the mattress directly on top of our bed slats.


Twin Size $49

Full Size $59

Queen Size $69



Storage Box



For college students needing a Lockable Storage Box to store their valuables or if you need additional storage on your bed or desk we have a Lockable Storage Box available. 


It can be placed on top of the desk or installed in-between the legs of the bed.  It is made from knot-free solid pine, 8" x 8" and available in twin, full and queen sizes.  We can also make it to a custom size if needed.  Please contact us if you need a custom size built.  You need to provide your own lock.


The third photo below shows the Storage Box installed in-between the legs. It is attached to the legs with screws from the inside of the box.



                                       Twin Size $79

                                       Full Size $89

                                       Queen Size $99
















Solid Platform Mattress Foundation in MDF & Plywood


The mattress foundation bed slats (see above photo) are included with every bed.  They have a 3" gap between the slats and gives you 1000 lbs. of weight capacity.

If you have a thin mattress, older mattress, futon mattress, air mattress, foam mattress that requires a solid base or you just want a solid platform to get a firmer mattress feel we also sell an MDF Solid Platform Mattress Foundation.
It has four pieces of 1/8" MDF that covers the entire mattress area. It is attached to the top of the bed slats.

This may be needed if your mattress manufacturer requires you to have a box spring or solid platform surface to keep the manufacturers warranty active.  This may also be used if you don't want to see the bottom of your mattress when sitting underneath.


If you plan on having an open space around the mattress and will be walking or crawling around on it, we also have a 1/2" plywood platform. This provides a nice solid smooth surface for the top of the platform.

MDF Twin Size $39

MDF Full Size $49

MDF Queen Size $59

MDF King Size $69


Plywood Twin Size $59

Plywood Full Size $79

Plywood Queen Size $89

Plywood King Size $99




Corkboards & Whiteboards


We offer multiple sizes of Corkboards and Whiteboards. Corkboards are 1/4" thick cork.

The Short End Boards are 11" high and fit in-between the built-in ladder rungs at each short end of the bed. They go the width of the bed and may be single sided (facing either inside our outside) or double sided where both sides can be used.

The Back Boards are 11" or 18" high. They go the length of the bed across the back.

The Front Boards goes on the front of the 12" wide leg with a pine frame all around it.

You can mix and match as many Corkboards and Whiteboards as needed.

Once we receive your order we will contact you to confirm the exact placement of the boards.  For example, if you ordered a Short Shelf and Short End Corkboard, we will ask you to select if you want the Corkboard to be above or below the short shelf.


Please contact us if you have any custom corkboard or whiteboard requirements.


You may order multiple Corkboards and Whiteboards by changing the quantity in the Shopping Cart.




No       Quantity      Quantity      Quantity

 Thanks         1                 2                 3


          $69        $138      $207    Corkboard Short (End) 11" High

          $109      $218      $327    Corkboard Long (Back) 11" High

          $129      $258                      Corkboard Long (Back) 18" High

          $129      $258                      Corkboard on Front of 12" Wide Leg








Customization Charge or Additional Shipping Charge


If you have a customization charge or an additional shipping charge you may add it to your shopping cart here. 


During checkout there will be a box where you can enter your Customization Notes or Special Instructions.


Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $90

Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $80

Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $70

Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $60

Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $50

Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $45

Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $40

Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $35

Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $30

Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $25

Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $20

Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $15

Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $10

Customization Charge or Additional Shipping $1

     Note: For the $1 charge, please remember to change the quantity once

              it is in your shopping cart.  For example, if your charge is $18,

              you will enter 18 into the quantity field in the shopping cart.