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Weight Capacity - Mattress Foundation


The Weight Capacity of all of our beds is 1000 pounds of evenly distributed weight.  For our bunk beds it is 1000 lbs. per level.  With our tongue & groove construction and extremely heavy duty design, it makes our beds one of the sturdiest on the market and will hold up to the toughest youth, teen or college environment.  The weight capacity includes the weight of the person plus the mattress. 


All beds come with a Mattress Foundation (bed slats) that will fill the mattress area with a 3" gap between the slats.  Our slats are 1" thick (some of our competitors have only 4 slats that are only 3/4" thick and require you to buy your own foundation or bunkie board).  The gap between the slats allows the mattress to breath and air out, something that is definitely needed in a college dorm room environment...




To gain the maximum headroom underneath, we customize each bed at no additional charge to fit your exact mattress thickness and ceiling height, so our beds will work with any ceiling with any thickness mattress.  Use our Height Calculator to determine how much headroom you will get using your specifications.  Measurements below are for the loft, bunk and high rise beds.  For bunk beds, the lower mattress starts at 10" from the floor, so for example if you have a 6" mattress, the top of the lower mattress will be 16" from the floor.








How much headroom will I get above and underneath?  Use our Height Calculator to find out.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How deep are the desk and shelves.  The desk is 20" deep and all shelves are 7" deep.


Can the desk be installed on either side?  Yes.  All options, desk, double bookshelf, single bookshelf, front ladder, clock and accessory shelves may be installed on either end.


What is the length between the left and right ladder ends?  Beds are referred to throughout our website by mattress size, a standard twin regular mattress is 39" x 75".  From the inside of the rungs of the ladder ends, the distance between them is the same as the mattress length.  So, for a 39x75 loft, there is 75" length between the inside of the ladder rungs.  For the distance between the inside of the legs (corner posts), the distance for the Regular (75" mattress length) mattress is 67".  The distance for the Extra Long XL (80" mattress length) is 72" and for the XXL (84" mattress length) it is 76".


What length bed do I need if I want to put a futon underneath?  You need to order the XXL length bed.  We created the XXL 84" mattress length (88" overall length) loft for customers that want to put a futon or full size sofa underneath the loft.  It is 4" longer than most lofts on the market.  The inside distance between the rungs is 84" and between the legs is 76".  On most futons when opened to the bed position, the length of the bed section is 75" long.  Make sure your futon when opened into a bed will fit into the 76" of space in-between the loft legs.



For lofts used in college dorm rooms, please read the following:


If your dorm room has fixed furniture that can't be moved, you should double check the room measurements against our bed measurements to verify the loft will fit into the room.  Each dorm room layout is different and the customer is responsible to make sure the loft will fit into the available space.  We will shorten the loft to fit your space if needed.  You may enter your custom space requirements on the order form during the checkout process.