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Our Loft Beds are designed for all ages, youth, teen, college students and adults. The built-in ladders at each end are notched, glued, screwed and bolted to the bed frame. The Weight Capacity is 1000 lbs. and with our tongue & groove construction and extreme heavy duty design it makes our beds one of the sturdiest on the market and will hold up to the toughest youth, teen, college student or adult environment. Our beds are free-standing and do not need to be bolted to a wall for support. All beds have a Lifetime Warranty.


The bed, options and accessories are all priced separately so you can mix and match them as needed to create your unique custom one-of-a-kind bed. You can see the Total Price at the bottom of this page by pressing View Total Price button. From the order form below you can order all sizes and add accessories such as angled ladders, shelving and desks.


Please contact us if you need a custom length or width bed or if you are planning on placing a Futon, sofa or large item underneath. We can build it to any size you need. Also please call us if you need help on the ordering process or would just like to place a phone order. We strive to make the ordering process as easy as possible.


We custom build each bed to your exact specifications so it will work with any ceiling height and any mattress thickness. Select the options and accessories below to create your unique bed. The amount of space you get above and underneath the mattress depends on your ceiling height, mattress thickness and the leg height you select. For example, if you have an 8' Ceiling and 8" Mattress, you will get 30" Above & 56" Underneath. Use our Height Calculator to see how much space you will get using your specifications.  We normally set the Space Above the Mattress to the ceiling at 30". For most people this is adequate and meets the Consumer Products Safety Commission Guidelines as well as most college's requirements.


All Hardware is included with each bed. All beds come with the Mattress Foundation Bed Slats and you do not need to supply a box spring, bunkie board or plywood with our beds, you place the mattress directly on top of our bed slats. The bed frame and all major components are all solid Pine wood. The bed is unfinished, hand sanded and ready for paint or stain by the customer. More information is available on our Product Specifications page.


Select Size & Specifications


Select Loft Size [?]



Select Your Ceiling Height [?]



Select Your Mattress Thickness [?]



Select Safety Rails


Home Use Safety Rails are designed for all ages and meet the Consumer Products Safety Commission Loft & Bunk Bed Guidelines and is required for all children under 13 years old. Each Safety Rail Set includes safety rails on all four sides with a small opening to enter the bed. The number of safety rails sets needed are: (2) sets for mattresses up to 8" thick and (3) sets for mattresses up to 16" thick. Please contact us if your mattress is greater than 16" thick. The Safety Rails are also used as a Pillow Stop to prevent pillows from falling off.


Adult Use Safety Rails are designed for college students and adults only. They must not be used by children under 13 years old. One safety rail is placed 5" above the top of the mattress on the front (long side) and if the back is not pushed up against a wall an optional second safety rail may be placed on the back.


Pillow Stop. If you purchase the Adult Use Safety Rails there is no Safety Rail at the headboard end of the bed to prevent your pillow from falling out. You can optionally add a Pillow Stop to your order.



For Home Use Safety Rails

Select Height Above Mattress


For Home Use Safety Rails the top of the Safety Rails are placed 5" above the top of the mattress. If you have young children and would like the safety rails to be higher we also offer additional safety rail sets to go 10", 15" or 20" above the top of the mattress. You need to select the taller legs below to be able to add additional sets of safety rails.


How Much Space Do You

Want Underneath the Mattress?


If you select Maximum Space Underneath we will position the mattress near the top of the legs (leaving enough space for the safety rails) which gives you 30" of space above the mattress.  If you want to lower the mattress you may select a custom value. Use our Height Calculator to see how much space you will get above and underneath the mattress using your specifications.



Select Leg Height


We have multiple leg heights available. If you ordered Extra Safety Rails you will need to select the next size taller legs.


Select Leg Top Design

The Round Top Legs adds a nice decorative look and is very popular with loft beds for kid's bedrooms.



Optional Accessories


Free Shipping on all Accessories when ordered with a loft bed


Shown below are the typical accessories available for your bed. Desks, shelving and safety rails are made from clear knot-free solid Pine. You can create a unique custom one-of-a-kind loft bed to meet your needs by selecting the options below. After adding the bed to your Shopping Cart please visit our Accessories page to see more accessories for your bed that were not included here.



Double Bookshelf Headboard


The Double Bookshelf Headboard is attached to the top of the legs and may be placed at either end of the bed. This along with the Short Bookshelf (below) are our most popular options and is perfect for storing books, reading light, cell phone, iPod, glasses or any item you need quick access to while on top of the bed.



How many Shelves can I place underneath?


The Short Bookshelf, Long Shelf, Desk and Desk Shelf are all placed underneath. The total number of shelves you can use depends on the height of the bed and whether you are going to climb up the built-in end ladder or use the Front or Angled Ladder. We will review your order and contact you if you ordered too many shelves.


Short Bookshelf


The Short Bookshelf goes the short width of the bed, underneath the mattress and may be attached anywhere at either end. They are great for storing books, toys, games, pictures and many personal items. You can order multiple shelves to create enough storage space for your needs.



Long Shelf


The Long Shelf goes the across the back (long side) of the bed underneath the mattress. You may order multiple Long Shelves.


Desk Sizes


Short  •  Long  •  L-Shaped  •  U-Shaped



We offer multiple size desks: Short, Long, L-Shaped & U-Shaped. The standard desks are 20" deep and we can also make them 24" deep. For the L-Shaped and U-Shaped Desk, the shorter ends are always 20" deep. Contact us if you need a larger or custom desk. Weight capacity 40 lbs. for all desks.


The Short Desk goes the width of the bed may be installed at either end underneath or on the outside end of the bed. It can also be installed at a higher location so you can stand at the desk. Studies show that standing at a desk is better for your health. We also offer a Desk Shelf which is attached to the short desk and goes the length of the bed across the back of the bed.


The Long Desk goes the full length of the bed across the back and gives you nearly twice the amount of desk space.


The L-Shaped Desk is a combination of the Long & Short Desk. It may be installed either as a Left or Right L.


The U-Shaped Desk is a combination of the Long and (2) Short Desks. It provides the largest desktop area and is perfect for storing books, computers, toys, game systems, TV's and makes a very nice large arts & crafts table for active children.



Clothes Rack

For rooms that don't have a closet for hanging clothes or for college students needing more clothes hanging space. It is 3' long for the twin size and 4' long for the full and queen size beds. It may be mounted anywhere underneath the bed to a bed slat.


Towel Bar

The Towel Bar is very popular with college students as dorm rooms and apartments typically don't have a place to hang wet towels in the room (and you definitely don't want to leave your towels in a shared bathroom). The towel bar is 3' long and comes unassembled and may be attached anywhere on the loft.



Ladders - Vertical & Angled

Vertical End Ladders: Are included with each bed and provides you access to climb up either (short) end and gives the bed rigidity and support. You need about 2 feet of space at the end of the bed to be able to climb up.


Vertical Front Ladder: If you do not have enough space at the end to climb up you can use the optional Vertical Front Ladder (long side) to climb up the front.


Angled Front & Angled End Ladder: We also have Angled Ladders which may be attached to the Front (long side) or at the (short) End of the bed. The angled ladder 2x4 rungs are positioned flat giving you a larger surface area for climbing up and it is much easier on your feet. The Angled Ladder comes pre-assembled and is ready to be attached and extends out roughly 18". The angled ladder may be installed either on the Front (long side) or at the (short) End and either on the left or right. The weight capacity of the standard angled ladder is 200 lbs. and the HD-Heavy Duty ladder is 300 lbs.


Angled Ladder Handrails: We also have Handrails for our Angled Ladders. They attach to both sides of the Angled Ladder and it makes it much easier for children climbing up and down.


Ladder Hooks: We recommend attaching the Angled Ladder to the bed with screws. If you need it to be easily removable we also have Ladder Hooks available.



Additional Options for Angled Ladders Only




Solid Platform Mattress Foundation

The Mattress Foundation Bed Slats are included with each bed. They have a 3" gap between the slats and gives you 1000 lbs. of weight capacity. We also have a Solid Platform Mattress Foundation which is attached to the top of the bed slats. It has four pieces of 1/8" MDF that covers the entire mattress area giving you a totally flat surface for your mattress.


If you have a Foam Mattress (memory foam, Tempur-Pedic, etc.) it typically requires a flat base to keep the warranty active. You may also want this if you have a thin mattress, older uncomfortable mattress, futon mattress, air mattress or you just want a solid platform to get a firmer mattress feel. This may also be used if you don't want to see the bottom of the upper mattress when sitting or sleeping underneath or if you want a solid separator between the top and bottom mattresses.



Shipping & Order Processing Options


Shipping Charge & Estimated Transit Time


The shipping charge is a flat rate per bed charge based on the State it is being shipped to. All accessories are shipped at no additional shipping charge no matter how many accessories or options you add to your order. Please select the shipping charge based on the Zone it is being shipped to below. We use FedEx Ground Shipping. Orders are currently shipping out from our manufacturing facility in business days and once shipped it will arrive based on the estimated Transit Times below.



Select Order Processing Time


Standard Order Processing: Ship my order out in business days.

Rush Service: Ship my order out in 1 - 2 business days $49.

Once shipped, orders will arrive based on our Transit Time Map.



Select FedEx Special Delivery Options


Standard: Deliver Mon - Fri 8 am - 8 pm. There is no guaranteed date/time with standard delivery.

Date Certain: Deliver on a specific date Tue - Fri with delivery 8 am - 8 pm $15.

Saturday: Deliver on a Saturday between 8 am - 8 pm $20.

Appointment:  FedEx will schedule an appointment with you (2 hour window) delivery Tue - Sat $30.


Please Note. To meet the delivery dates for the Special Delivery Options we need to have the packages to your local FedEx terminal 2 days in advance of your delivery date. Please keep the shipping schedule and transit times in mind when requesting your delivery date.  For Appointment Deliveries FedEx will contact you to schedule the appointment once they have your packages at your local FedEx terminal.


Date Certain, Saturday and Appointment Delivery may not be available in some areas.



For Date Certain, Saturday or Appointment Delivery

Enter Requested Delivery Date: (mm/dd)


Phone Number - Required


Please enter your Phone Number in case we need to contact you.


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Press the button to display the Height Specifications and the Total Price. You may then add the bed to your Shopping Cart. You can review all options selected while in your shipping cart before completing your order.

How do I enter Custom Specs or change Shipping Address?


If you have any custom specifications or need to change your shipping address you may enter them either during the last step of the PayPal check-out process or from the order confirmation page or by replying to the email that we send you. Below is a sample PayPal Checkout screen showing where to enter the data.