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Typical Dorm Room


Loft Beds Make A Great Gift For College Students

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Top Ten reasons why you need a Loft Bed











































































































Dorm Room Makeover


Maximize your Dorm Room Space and make your room more comfortable


College students, lets face it, move in day for most students is a stressful experience for both you and

your family.  With all the traffic, hundreds of students

all moving in at the same time, many moving away

from home for the first time, getting organized, meeting new friends, signing up for classes and trying to fit in.


While the cost of college goes up every year, one thing remains constant...the dorm rooms are always going to be the same size...Extra Small


And speaking of fitting in, one of the more difficult tasks you are going to face is fitting everything into your cramped room.  Dorm rooms and apartments were not designed to hold all the necessities of today's typical college student. 


With a combination Loft Bed and Futon, make your college room feel like home and the place where everyone wants to hang out.


If you are like most students, along with your books and clothes you'll have a computer, printer, TV, microwave, refrigerator, DVD and probably a comfortable chair or futon you would like to fit into your room.


Gain More Space - Get Better Organized

Become a More Productive Student


"I think it is important for students to personalize their residence hall room, especially since it is their home away from home.  Their room is also the place where they spend the vast majority of their time - so it needs

to feel comfortable and hopefully a place where

students can feel productive."  

Deb Lo Biondo, assistant dean of Residence Life Duke University


For the cost of about three typical college textbooks (or ten large pizzas) you can nearly double the space in your room by using a loft bed, and get years of use from it.  A loft bed allows you to raise your bed off the floor freeing up valuable space for your personal items underneath. 


"Your Towel Bar is perfect for my son at college, now he has a place to hang his wet towels" ...Joan


Typically, students place their desk underneath, but also we have seen students put large chairs, futons, sofas, or a complete entertainment center beneath their bed.  If you are going to be stuck in this small space for the next four years, why not do a Dorm Room Makeover with a loft bed and make it fit your needs.


A loft bed is the easiest and least expensive way to increase living space.  Raise the bed off of the floor and use the area underneath.  Students will use it throughout their college career and often into their first apartment.


Does your college have a specific loft bed height requirement?  If so, you can use our Loft Leg Height Calculator to customize a loft bed to meet your college's requirements.  Our lofts meet or exceed most college's loft bed requirements.


An empty space is wasted space...

Use the space above for sleeping and

gain more living space underneath.



Dorms, Fraternity & Sorority Houses

Using two lofts in your room will give you an additional 64 square feet of living space (it's like adding an 8'x8' addition to your room), and will actually make your small room "livable".

"His bedroom at home was never this organized"...Mom







Move In Day Suggestions


We found this Rubbermaid Wheeled Storage unit to be very helpful during move in day.  Our daughter placed her clothing inside and we were able to wheel it into her room.  She stored it underneath her bed and kept her out of season clothes inside.  The lid kept everything clean and free of dust while it was under her loft bed.



Dorm Life 101

Move in day...


You walk in and your room looks like this:

Ok... that's all the space you get for two students, you make the best of it and your parents take your TV, microwave and refrigerator home because it all can't fit...


You put some bed risers in to lift your bed

and spend all day moving in and when your parents leave it looks something like this: 


...then...two Weeks Later...

...where is my Bio101 book???

...and...Parents Weekend is coming up!



I Need More Space!!!

For the cost of about three textbooks

(or ten large pizzas) you can nearly double

the space in your room by using a loft bed.




For those students that need a little more space but don't want to be too high off the ground, we also offer High Rise Platform Beds that have 31" of space, tall enough to store a large storage trunk or filing cabinet underneath.




With our easy-to-assemble kits and fast shipping you can quickly get more space in your place.





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