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FAQ: What are some of the basic differences between you and other loft bed companies?

  • Weight Capacity:  Our beds were originally designed for college students, we make them heavy duty and very sturdy to be able to support a weight capacity of 1000 lbs.  Some companies state theirs are 200 lbs. and charge you to increase it by adding more slats or require you to purchase a bunkie board.  Be aware that most loft and bunk beds on the market are primarily designed for young children, so weight capacity isn't a issue for them.  If the bed is advertised as Children's or Kid's Furniture, or if the company doesn't specify a weight capacity, it is most likely to have a 150-200 lb weight limit.  Remember, the weight capacity includes the weight of the person plus the mattress and foundation.  If you are the type of parent that likes to read to their child in bed, you are going to need more than 200 lbs of weight capacity.  As a comparison, loft beds sold by Wal-Mart have a 150 lb. limit and IKEA doesn't specify a weight limit but state on their website that their beds are for children.

  • Hand Made and Custom Built in the USA:  We hand make and custom build each bed to your exact specifications, so we can use any mattress thickness and any ceiling height. Most of the typical metal and wood loft and bunk beds sold by major retailers are made in China.

  • Customer Service and Reputation:  We are an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau and have the highest A+ Rating. We have had no customer complaints in the past 3 years Click here for more information.  Before you buy a loft from anyone, you should review their BBB report.  You will be very surprised at what you will find.

  • Delivery Schedule:  We currently ship out loft bed orders in business days and once shipped it will arrive based on our transit time map.  We also offer Rush Service, Date Certain and Appointment deliveries if needed.  Some companies quote in weeks or months.  Make sure it is clear before you checkout as to roughly when you will be receiving your order.

  • FedEx Shipping:  We ship with FedEx Ground and Home Delivery Services and on shipped, will be delivered to your front door in 1 - 5 days with "no signature required".  Some companies ship by "curbside truck freight", which can takes weeks to deliver, you need to be present at delivery and you will be getting an 18 wheel tractor-trailer on your road delivering a pallet and you are responsible for unloading it from the truck out in the road and getting it to your front door.

  • Shipping Costs:  Our shipping costs are clearly listed on the order form.  Some companies hide the shipping charges until you are at the last payment step or will email you the shipping charges after you have placed the order.

  • Ceiling Height and Mattress Thickness:  Our lofts are designed for a typical 8' ceiling. To gain maximum space and to meet your home or college's specific requirements, we also customize each bed at no additional cost to your exact mattress thickness and ceiling height. This allows our loft and bunk beds to use any size home or college supplied mattress of any thickness and any ceiling height.  Design your loft with our Loft Height Calculator and you will know exactly how much headroom you will be getting above and underneath.  Many companies have a maximum 6" mattress thickness requirement and they can't adjust the headroom or the Safety Rail spacing.

  • Mattress Size:  Most college dorms use a twin extra long (39" x 80") mattress.  When ordering from our site, you order by mattress size (i.e. Twin Extra Long 39" x 80") so you know your mattress will fit our loft.  Most companies state the loft size and it isn't clear what size mattress it will fit.  For example one company says their loft is 40" x 79", but it can only handle a mattress that is 38" x 75".  Please Note: IKEA loft beds are designed for European mattress sizes which are a little smaller than US sizes.  If you buy an IKEA loft or bunk bed, then you need to use an IKEA mattress.

  • Bed Slats:  Our lofts come with our mattress foundation set   (shown here →)  which are 1-1/2" thick bed slats.  Some companies provide just 4 slats that are 3/4" thick and others require that you provide your own set of slats, a sheet of plywood or a bunkie board to support the mattress.  Make sure you know what the company provides to support the mattress, you don't want to have any surprises during college move-in day.

  • Ladder:  Our lofts have attached built-in ladders at each end that are vertical. 

  • Customer's Pictures and Feedback:  Our customer's pictures and feedback are all voluntary.  Some companies pay or give rebates to customers that give positive feedback.  Can you really trust a company that pays a customers to write a positive review?




       What are some of the basic differences between metal and wooden lofts?


  • Rungs on a metal loft are typically 3/4" diameter pipe spaced 18" apart.  It makes it much harder on your feet climbing up a small round tube.  Our wood rungs are 1-1/2" wide, twice the size and flat and are spaced 11" apart.

  • Metal lofts are typically cold, wooden lofts are much warmer.  Think about a cold winter morning and you lean over and touch the metal rail or climb down the cold metal rungs in bare feet.

  • Metal lofts typically are not as sturdy as wooden lofts and they rock and squeak a little when climbing up or moving around.  Metal lofts are very light, usually around 25-50 pounds.  Our wooden loft is around 150 pounds, its not going to budge when climbing up or moving around. 

  • Since our lofts are made from wood, they may be customized with items such as a desk, coat racks, key hooks, shelving, snack tray or anything you need.

  • Metal lofts may have pinch points near the top of the pipes, you need to be careful you don't get your hands caught between them or get your clothing caught in them.

  • Metal lofts are typically designed for young children with a weight limit of 200 lbs, our wooden lofts have a weight capacity of 1000 lbs.

  • Most metal lofts don't have a Headboard, what is going to keep your pillow from falling off?

  • Make sure your loft has a built-in safety rail that goes the entire length of the bed.

  • A standard twin mattress is 39" x 75" and most colleges use an extra long XL mattress which is 80".  Make sure the metal frame can hold this size mattress.  For example, IKEA loft beds are designed for European mattress sizes which are a little smaller than US sizes.

       Do you rent lofts to college students?


Sorry but no.  Our lofts are for purchase only but are roughly the same cost as a yearly rental.  It is yours to keep and customize any way you want.  Since our lofts maintain their value and are in high demand, many students choose to sell them after graduation.  A popular place to sell them is on  A used loft typically sells for $150 - $200.


A note to students planning on renting metal lofts:  Many of the companies that rent lofts to students are only on campus during move-in days and are then gone.  Many of them state in their contract that if you decide to return the loft, you will need to do so during the first 2-3 days of school.  After that you will need to wait until the end of the semester to return it.  Make sure you read the contract very carefully.  You don't want to be stuck with a cold, squeaky metal loft all semester.